Yay Camping!

First and foremost, there’s new Zaza bags up.  Linda made most of these are they’re lovely.  Hopefully one will pop out at you!!

It’s always nice to go camping and it’s always SUPER nice to get home, have a shower and collapse in your own, clean bed.

Camping was SO much fun.  We had our little tent community in the trees and we were shaded all day long.  It was just lovely.  We went to Revelstoke to the Williamson’s Lake Campground and it was pretty cute there.  We for sure had the best camp sites.

I saw cousins there that I hadn’t seen in years and years and years.  It was neat to see everyone again and get reaquainted.

Silas and Isaac had SO much fun.  Isaac was perpetually filthy the entire time.  I’d wipe him up and he’d go fall in the dirt with food in his hand and the attempt to eat his filthy food and the dirt would get caught in his snot and all over his lips and the food would get on his clothes.  It was a lost cause.  He’s pretty cute when he’s all filthy.  His feet were black too because his sandals kept coming off so we just gave up and let him go barefoot.

They napped REALLY well but at night time they partied in the tent until at least 10 both nights.  I eventually gave up, knowing they’d calm down eventually.  I think it helped that we have a partition in our tent so when Silas was actually in his own bed, they couldn’t see each other.  One time Jennie went in there and saw Silas brushing Isaac’s teeth with Brent’s toothbrush.  Oh my.

The boys liked the lake although it was a bit too cold and shady there.  Good for the parents who were watching their kids.  Sad for my freezing, nude toddler.  This German lady was astonished that my kids were nude and we were Canadian.  She says she has to put swim suits on her kids out here or no kids will play with them.  I thought that was pretty odd.  I always let my kids run around nude!!  I guess I’m the odd one.  Perhaps it’s my German blood.

Anyway, camping was rockin and I think Leanne and I are going to plan a trip for our families.  We’re thinking the Wells Grey area.  Man, I have so many places that I cannot wait to take my family to!!

Pictures will come eventually.

So I’m on day one of my cleanse and seeing it’s only 10:30…I’m feeling fine.  This evening I might not be so much.  I love the lemon drink SO much, not sure how I’ll feel about it in a few days though.  It’s going to be hard to continue making everyone food but not eating it.

My aunt Flo came last night so I’m thinking Advil is an exception to the cleanse at this point.

Anyway, I’m exhausted still.  I’m going to hide from the Canada Day festivities today and veg.  Hopefully I can get to Jennies to sew some bags tonight 🙂

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