Eating is Overrated

So last night I attempted the salt water flushing aspect of this cleanse.  The part where you guzzle 1L of sea salt water and then it flushes your bowels and you get to poop it out.  Apparently my reaction to it isn’t the norm so don’t be scared to at least try it.  I just got SO nauseated.  Ugh, it was dreadful.  I don’t think I’ll do it daily like they say.  I might do it again at the end but not every night.  It was horrible.  But not everyone feels that way from it.  Most people think it tastes gross and that’s about it.  The stuff that came out wasn’t too bad either.  The first time I did that years ago it was black and REALLY smelly.  I was on a diet of Tuna Helper and Wendy’s back then though.

I’m not dreadfully hungry or anything.  A little bit sometimes.  The day time is a lot easier than supper time.  That’s when I always want to eat loads of food.  But it really hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve heard the first three days are the hardest but it hasn’t been that awful at all.  I think it’s helping that I do eat a mainly natural diet.  Not organic but at least whole foods for the most part.  My brain has been really fuzzy though but I’m hoping that by the end it’ll feel a lot more clear than before.

I’ve lessened the amount of maple syrup I’m using.  It was just too sweet for me.  I’m not used to all of that sugar and it’s feeling a lot better on my tummy to not have so much.

I think this whole mind over matter thing is good for me.  I just keep telling myself that it’s only 10 days.  10 days go by SO stinking fast for me.  Thinking about it as a whole gives me anxiety but I’ll just take it one day at a time and hopefully I’ll make it.  I’ll be pretty ticked if I don’t because this isn’t torture at all.

Anyway, I have photos for you.  I’m not editing them because I just don’t stinking feel like it.  Actually I don’t feel like putting photos up at all but I promised so here you go…

I don’t have any photos of my cousins.  I feel weird about pointing cameras at people I hardly know.  I’m sure Jennie can send me some of hers so I can have some.  Melissa was camera happy so hook me up girl.  I know you’re reading this…blog stalker.

disclaimer:  I take no responsibility for how Jill looks in photos.  She gets all ancy and goofy when you point a camera at her 🙂 ( I just said that as an inside joke…she doesn’t look bad in any of the photos :))

I caught her without her knowing in this one 🙂

I put this mask on and tried to scare Silas…he said “hi!”

Sitting with Uncle Andy

me and my big bro.  He’s single ladies!!

passed out in the tent

Uncle Andy’s van was hours of fun.

I love how Andy wrapped his extra large bottle of Corona in a paper bag.  He’s always been high class.

Pretty much this is the worst photo of all of us but…it’s a memory.

This is the new bag I’m making, freshly cut out.  It was so cute in it’s little package that I had to photograph it.  Does it entice you??  It’s going to be shabby chic…woot.


  1. Wow, such great photos, love them:). Looks like you all had a great time:).
    P.S. Love Jennies comment, HAHA, the stain, lol!
    And fabrics look awesome!:D

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