Master Cleanse – Day 3

Lets just say when one starts cleansing, one shouldn’t drive until the brain fog goes away.  I did not feel very safe to be driving yesterday and I’m not going to again until this fog clears.  Sometimes it feels really clear and times like right now I feel like I need to take some steel wool to my eyeballs or something.  Or perhaps I need some windshield wipers on my brain.  I’m hoping that this green tea will give me some clarity.  Ya it’s not part of the cleanse but it’s organic and it’s an antioxidant so whatever.  I guess after tomorrow I’ll be out of the hardest part of the cleanse…it’s been really easy though.

This still isn’t the worst thing ever though.  A lot easier than being pregnant or moving or breaking a toe….all things I’ve done very recently.  My tongue still isn’t very white.  Some person who apparently doesn’t like being named said her tongue turned kinda greenish grossness.  We’ll see about that one.

I’ve lost 4 pounds now.  I know it doesn’t really matter but I’m hoping that when I’ve gained the water weight back, I still will be in the 150’s.  I’m so happy that my scale said 158 this morning.  What a treat.

Courtenay should be here soon.  They always stop in on their way to her outlaws house.  Silas and Emily can have some play time and Court can pick up her Zaza bag that she won and it’ll be a few short moments of glory.  I feel ill that my house is such a disaster,  I guess she’s used to it from hanging out in my room 🙂

You’ve be surprised to know that in this place which rains ALL THE TIME, we never get thunderstorms.  Last night we got one, I was so sad it was through the night and not in the evening where I could have enjoyed it.  The thunder and lightening kept waking me up though.

I’m working on my second Zaza bag.  You saw the fabric in yesterday’s post.  I’m really enjoying sewing.  I don’t even mind the frustrating bits.  I hope someone likes it enough to buy it.  I’ve been adoring the fabrics I’m using for quite some time and had made plans to do something kinda shabby chic with them.  For some reason Brent is loving that I’m sewing.  Perhaps I now remind him more of his mama.  Perhaps the wirr of my sewing machine brings him back.  Do guys dig chicks that sew??

Welp, I’m too foggy to tell you anything else.  I’ll leave you with what we found when we went in to wake Silas from his nap yesterday.

yes I know his room is a mess…leave me alone

Silly boy.

Are the wiggles real men??  Or are they just really sure of themselves??  Are they married??  Do they know how obnoxious they are!????  Is my child going to be brain dead from watching them on you tube??  Is his brain going to have a primary color over-load and explode??


  1. Looks the cute big boy preferrs the floor for sleeping…sometimes. I guess you sewing does remind Brent of by gone days when my machine hummed alot…as it will when I leave here.

  2. Ouchie…that cleanse does not sound like fun!

    What a cute, cute boy! I worry equally about Wiggle exposure, I’ll admit. They give me the willies.

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