Auditory Genius?

My darling son Silas is showing some interesting hearing skills.  He picks out noises that certain things make and he can copy them really well.  Like Brent’s nail gun…he can do a great impression.

Aside from that, though, I’ve realized that I need to do certain things quietly or else Silas will come and destroy my special moments.

If I’m downstairs and Silas is upstairs and I decide to have some Cheerios Silas will know.  It’s not them being poured into the bowl, he can hear me eating them and KNOW it’s Cheerios I’m eating.  He’ll then come rushing downstairs and demand I share with him.  Bye bye quiet breakfast…:( How does he know?

Another thing he can hear and know instantly is the sound of his vitamin bottles.  He’ll be engrossed in his breakfast and watching cartoons when I open the fridge to get his probiotics.  I try and do it super quietly so he wont hear me but everytime his head whips around and he says “BITAMINES?? PURPLUE BITAMINES?  WHITE BITAMINES???!!!”.

Strange kid.

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