Autism Update

Silas and his autism used to be the main topic of choice on this blog and over time it’s slowly changed again.  I thought it would be time to give you an autism update so you can see how the little gaffer is doing.

20130121-104033.jpgHow is he doing?  AMAZING!!  Our lives don’t feel ruled by autism so much anymore.  There’s a lot more peace in our home, a lot more understanding.  Way less therapy.

It’s really hard to put into words anymore.  Yes Silas definitely still has autism but it’s like a lot of the more “negative” or “difficult” symptoms have been dealt with.  He’s expressing himself really well now.  Yes he says things still that make NO sense, mostly trying to use big words in ways that just don’t fit.  But for the most part he sounds like a well articulated boy with way too many facts floating around in his head.

New things are still happening although they’re fewer and farther between.  My favourite new development is he’s doing up snaps and buttons.  So exciting.  Fine motor is not his strong point with his mushy little autism hands but suddenly snaps and buttons are happening and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I hadn’t pushed that on him either, he just started doing it.  Some things are just better left to his timing.

Meltdowns?  What meltdowns?  Those happen probably as much as they would happen with any kid.  His still come with some aggression but nothing like it used to be.  It’s so nice…ahhhhhh….so nice.  I feel so content now that they’re mostly over.  I mean, I was dealing with 10-14 meltdowns a day.  This mamma definitely deserves her peace!!

He’s doing excellent in school and seems to have pretty good relationships with his peers.  I’m still not sure if he’s connecting to them on the same level as other kids do as I see a different connection between Isaac and his peers but I still think he’s doing ok.  Thankfully he loves playing chase which is the game of choice at school for at least two more years.  I’ve seen some kids hold onto that game into their teens so I’m really hoping he transitions out of it with his peers.20130121-104049.jpg

Looking ahead, my only fears come with puberty.  We are going to continue using the hyperbaric chamber (once he is ok going in himself…mommy can’t go in cuz she’s pregnant so it’s been a while because we were trying for a long time and the heat of summer is no time to go in the chamber…so i’m trying to encourage a solo trip), neurosensory integration, and I’m hoping to get him into a good psychiatrist or counselor.  There’s one counselor I’ve been considering but she hasn’t called me back and she’s quite a ways away.  There’s a pediatric psychiatry place that’s closer that I’m thinking about.  I really think doing that is going to get us prepped for the transitions and regressions that come with puberty and it can also help him with anger management and whatever else.  Puberty scares the crap out of me.  Why?  Well…I’ve seen what happens with kids with autism.  I’m frightened…

Anyway.  Things are great!  He’s a darling affectionate intelligent boy who LOVES his video games and hates it when we say he can’t play them.  He loves boxing with his daddy and brother, riding his bike, playing with his brother, eating us out of house and home, snuggling the dog, learning about space, writing lists, spinning things, swimming, being in charge, talking about video games, pretending he’s in a video game, reading Captain Underpants, whining about supper, keeping track of my pregnancy weeks, telling jokes…and so on.

Oh ya, and we still go to him if we forget how to spell a word.  The other day Brent and I were having trouble spelling something and he totally helped us out.  Gosh I love my boy 🙂

Oh ya…he’s getting GIGANTIC too.

20130121-104202.jpg Not enjoying the white icing on his gingerbread house 🙂  Oh the sensory boy

20130121-104119.jpgEnjoying the snow at grandma and grandpa’s

20130121-104014.jpgBoxing Daddy…in the nude of course


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