The Case of the Swollen Eye

This is how it looked this morning.
this is how it looked after school yesterday

Yesterday after school I noticed Silas’ eye was a bit red.  A while after we got home it had started swelling and by this morning it was almost swollen shut.  So, most of my morning was spent waiting to get in to the walk in.  Thankfully you can go and get your name on the list and come back after.  So we did.

I know of the best little walk in.  The wait may be long but it’s the only place I’ve ever been to where the lady at the front is actually happy and personable and smiling.  Usually the medical office assistants are angry and short with you and in relatively

This is how it looked this morning.
This is how it looked this morning.

bad moods.  The doctors are also very thorough and will take as much time with you as you need as opposed to ushering you through.  This doctor came in and saw Silas laying with his head on my lap so instead of asking Silas to move, the doctor got down on the floor to examine him.  I appreciate that.

Anyway, Silas did a great job with the doctor looking in his eye with the light and the doctor concluded it was pink eye and off we went with an RX.  $30 for a tiny tube of goop.

Now I feel like the entire house is infected and we’re all going to have pink eye.  I’m probably not wrong in thinking that.  Ugh.  Wish us luck.

waiting patiently at the dr's office.
waiting patiently at the dr’s office.

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