Back Online!

No Thursday 13 today.  I wanted to B LOG!!  I’m glad to have my internet back.  Sorry about my last post.  I was really dehydrated and actually slightly incoherent.  I don’t think I’m feeling any effects of the BC

I’ve found a way to nurse Ike while typing.  I don’t use the pull out tray on my desk for my keyboard so I pull that out and stick a pillow on it and voila…I’m nursing.  Can’t get better than that.

I had a horrible scare yesterday.  I was organizing the photos on my computer and about to put a whole schwack of photos onto my computer from my camera.  I accidently deleted ALL of them.  from like the last 5 months.  I cried and cried and cried.  LUCKILY though I have a super smart sister that’s a computer programmer and she was able to get them all back for me.  She’s now #1 in my sister ranking..for now..ha ha.

Our temp place is fine but I burn and I pine for our town house, I can’t wait.

Isaac is sleeping and I can’t stop kissing him.  He’s getting better at really pooping and not just sharting all of the time.  Today he had the most massive poop I’ve ever seen…and it didn’t go up his back, I was thankful.  He’s smiling more and more and two nights this week he only woke up once at like 4:30 or 5, last night he woke up about 3:45 so that sucked.  I usually bring him into bed with me if he wakes up again after that before Silas wakes.  I just stick him on the boob and we both fall asleep together.  The day after we got here, Silas woke up at 5:30 and Brent cuddled him in our bed and he went back to sleep…all four of us were sleeping in our bed…it was nice, in a once in a while sort of way.  Silas’ ear infection seems to be doing better.  I’ll get him to the doc next week to make sure it’s cleared and to see if his waxy build-up is breaking down.  He’s stopped hitting me for the most part but hits everyone else (except Isaac of course, he’s only for kissing).  Isaac is getting SO fat.  He’s busting out of sleepers.  I saw a photo of his cousin Lucas in a sleeper when he was much older and the thing was massive on him.  Isaac fits that thing perfectly.

Courtenay from 8minutes came to visit us on monday and we took our kids to the spray park.  They had SO much fun.  A girlfriend and I are taking our kids to it tomorrow too.  It was hilarious because the sprayers would stop spraying and Silas put his face right close to the biggest one when it stopped spraying and then it shot out in his face.  Once Courtenay gets home she’ll get me some photos of the day.  I love watching my son have so much fun.  Wish me luck tomorrow because I don’t know how I’ll do Isaac and Silas by myself.  I’ll still have a GF with me so I think it should be fine.  Ike can stay in the baby carrier and perhaps will have to get sprayed a little.

Anyway, I feel more connected to the world now.  It’s nice.  I think I probably sent out 100 text messages yesterday, I don’t like being without phone and the net.  Ike needs me so I should go go.


  1. I’m so glad you’re back I missed you. So now I can phone you too? You sound like life is falling nicely into place with the addition of Isaac.I’m glad your sister was able to help you with the pictures, I was about to start crying too, whew.

  2. Yay for getting your internet connection back.

    I hope that Silas gets a clean bill of health from the doctor soon!

    The spray park sounds like so much fun. Too bad I don’t have anyone here to go to one with 🙁 I would hate to go alone, a big preggo lady laying around in the spray park all by herself – might cause some raised eyebrows!

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