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My darling Silas decided that 9:15 pm was a good time to sleep last night and that 6:00 am was a grand time to wake up.  His arousal was then accompanied by a massive melt down…and then another…and another.  Luckily he’s napping now and so is Isaac so I have a break.  Isaac woke up at the same time as Silas and was all smiling and I just wanted to be with him…Silas was at my feet tantruming.  What a ruined moment.  Oh well.  I need a date with my husband soon.

Today my girlfriend and I are taking our brats to the spray park.  I’m excited to see Silas have a good time.  I hope Isaac doesn’t mind all the fun.  I hope I don’t have trouble getting them out the door by myself.  I hope I hope.

I’ve lost two pounds this week.  Wooooot.  My goal is to be in the 160’s by the end of this month.  Hopefully like 165.  I  think I can do it.  I love healthy food, my problem is portion control.  I just wanna scarf everything.  I always have been like that.  I’d stuff myself to the gills at ever meal growing up.  I think I’ll have to teach my kids to not do that.  It’ll be easier if they learn young.  Anyway, I’m slowly lessening my portions.  If I go right down to little ones then I have a headache so I’m going slowly.  I didn’t eat enough the other day and felt horrible and was all shaky by lunch time.  Anyway, once I’m out of the 170’s I’ll feel a lot better.  I’ve gotten from the 160’s down to 140 so I know I can do that.

So I changed my header.  ONLY because I’m not pregnant anymore.  I didn’t change it because certain people think it’s offensive.  (wow…I think Ike is having a big poop) Just thought I’d make that known.  I think this photo of my boys is lovely and I’ll probably stick on of myself up there when I’m not feeling so flabby.

Anyway, I think Ike is about to need me so I’ll leave you with some more amazing visual stimuli.



 my little punk boy.  Thanks uncle Andy for the great onsie!




I’m bad to the bone.  This really doesn’t look much like him but I thought he looked mean with his skull shirt and expression.





Gotta love those cheeks




I’m getting fatter!!


  1. Dude, what cuties! Now I want two little boys 🙂
    Hope your day at the water park goes well, we’re off to the pool today too.
    You’re doing well being in the 170’s! I was in the upper 180’s yet when Deeder was Ike’s age. My mom promised I’d drop 30 in the delivery room, didn’t happen!


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