Water Park Fun

Yesterday’s water park adventure was amazing.  We got there and Silas cried while I got him into his Little Swimmers.  He then ran around for only a few minutes in the water and then went onto new adventures like waking up a sun bather with a fright, licking dirt patches in the grass, drinking mud water, playing with the bark in the play ground.  In between these new adventures he screamed and kicked and shouted as I tried to drag him away from them.  The water park was apparently no fun whatsoever and the bark in the playground was most appealing.  Some little boy, probably 3 years old stood there and stared at us while I tried to wrestle clothes back onto Silas as he was again kicking and screaming.  Needless to say, I don’t want to go back there again even though I don’t have to pack water with us because he just drinks it all from the puddles.

We’re buying a inflatable pool and trying that in Jennie’s back yard this afternoon while I do laundry.  Perhaps this adventure will be more mommy friendly.

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