For Your Ocular Enjoyment

This was all of the fun we had yesterday.  I don’t have much to write about so I thought a bunch of photos would make everyone happy




Thanks Auntie Mel and Uncle Noel for this wonderful romper, Ike looks darling in it.  He peed on it a few minutes later.




This is the pool I was talking about Leanne.  Save 25 bucks on it at Canadian Tire, it’s only 10 bucks.  Grab them while you can!








Through the magic of technology, Silas’ willy has been deleted for obvious reasons






And then an angel to finish.  This was him after we napped together yesterday



  1. An ocular treat indeed, I can’t believe how Isaac has grown and that I’m missing so much, oh well…. so we are trying to call you but don’t know what to make of all the words that come at us, please call us.

  2. Back in the day, they just used a washcloth to cover up the private bits… our generation will just crop them out of the picture!!! Ha ha ha!

    Looks like everyone was having a very enjoyable time!

    Ike is so cute!

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