Well I’m proud to say I’ve lost 4 pounds since last Tuesday when I started to eat healthy!  That’s 4 of those 1 pound blocks of butter…that’s a lot if you think about it.  I’m about to consume another massive spinach salad.  I’m loving my salads for lunch, today’s has cukes, orange peppers, grapes, kiwi, then this bagged mixed stir fry veggies which are broccoli. snap peas, carrots etc.  Then some raw pumkin seeds and dried cranberries.  I use yummy Renees Rasberry dressing.  YUM!  I was so happy with the weight loss I saw (despite my behavior on cheat day) that I took a big, long walk this morning.

It’s past 12 and Silas still isn’t asleep.  I’m going to freak out.  I think he’s getting in his pre-molars even though I think they’re supposed to get the eye teeth first.  His gums are all bloody looking.  Poor kiddo.  I hate it when he’s like this.  Ear infections and teething and general grumpiness.  Grrrr.

Anyway, so much to tell but I can’t think with Silas crying in his room and this delicious salad staring at me.


  1. Way to go on the weight loss, that is as alot to lose in a wk., you are well on your way girl and I’m proud of you . Has Silas been doing that other days at naptime? The salad sounds really good, like the one you made for me when I was there.

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