Ok so I thought I’d weigh Isaac today and see how much he’s grown.  I just did it by weighing myself first and then picking him up.  HE’S FOURTEEN POUNDS ALREADY!!  Man, my milk is cream.  I was thinking he wouldn’t get to 20 pounds by 4 months like Silas did…no freaking way.  Looks like he’ll be there sooner than Silas.  Why are my boys so large? Ike is six weeks old today.

We’ve been exposed to roseola, which is a virus…and is very contagious. Also known as baby measles or sixth disease, it manifests itself as a fever for a few days, and then as the fever breaks a rash breaks out all over the body (it started on Lucas’ face this morning). The good news is that it isn’t harmful and once exposed it seems there is an immunity that builds up because most of the adult population is immune. It clears up on it’s own, and only results in a cranky, feverish, rashy baby 🙁 The bad news is that after exposure it takes 5 – 15 days for the fever to manifest itself (and is contagious the whole time). So…you don’t know if you’re carrying it until the rash comes – which is when you’re not contagious anymore. ( I stole all those exact words from my sis in law, her son has it)  So I hope we don’t get it.  Pray we don’t get it.  Ike has a rash on the insides of his arms but no fever or grumping.  It’s been there for two days already.

Anyway.  My baby is fat and we might have another crappy situation on our hands soon.  No fault to you Leanne…don’t feel bad.  I hope Brent and I are immune at least.  Perhaps Silas’ killer immune system will come into play now?  I’m going to sit in front of the fan again.  It’s FREAKING HOT!!  I’m feeling sick already.  My ears feel full of something and I’m just weak and tired and grumpy.  Weirdness.


  1. I was doing some more reading today and some of the sites I visited said that roseola is NOT passed along very easily…so I don’t know. I just hope that your boys don’t get it. Yuck.

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