No No No No No

I’m feeling bad for Silas lately.  Even though most days I’m incredibly frustrated with that lad.  I have to tell him no constantly.  I wish more positive things could come from my lips.  It must be hard for him to deal with that.  I wonder if it just escalates because he’s mad because I said no so then he does something else naughty and it goes on and on from there.  I’m tired of saying no to him all day long.  I’m sure I’ll just need to get used to it because I’ll be saying it 50 million more times in my life.  I try and sit down with him and have some mommy Silas time but he’s just grumpy and naughty and it’s no different.  Anyway.  Fatso Ikey is crying again.  I think I’ll lay down on the bed and nurse him so we can both have a nappy.

This heat is dreadful!


  1. Poor Silas, what’s bugging the sweet boy? Let’s hpe this phase ends real soon, it will you know. Sounds like you’re having some very hot weather.

  2. I’m glad someone else is feeling bad about this. I’ve told Elliot no and don’t so many times daily that I think I should put it on a tape recorder and save myself the trouble. Poor thing.

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