Bad Sleeping and a Stupid Heatwave

Goodness I’m sleepy. Isaac was not into sleeping solid until about 12:30 last night. I’d just fall asleep and he’d be crying again. I finally took him out of his swaddle and he seemed happier. Weirdo. Perhaps it was too hot. He just had the worst time nursing, he just kept losing his latch and then coughing on milk and crying and swallowing air and crying more. I’d burp him but he couldn’t get it together. He’s sleeping now. I’m making him nap in his own bed now instead of my really comfy soft bed. I don’t want him to be used to that, I want him to want his own bed. I’ll still bring him to bed with me in the mornings just so I can get that extra needed sleep.

It was stinking hot yesterday. It got to 38 I think. It’s only 26 today but it still feels hot. One summer I was a flagger in the insane heat and it’s turned me off of being in heat. I’ve been daydreaming lately that I’m not a mother and I can go to the lake and swim with not a maternal care in the world. Alas reality continues to scream at me, literally.

I just want to be in my house. I want my own home back, I want my deep, comfy couch back. I want my house. 19 more days and I get my house. I want it now. I pine for my house. Once we’re settled I’m having a big BBQ to celebrate being in my house. My SIL informed me that about an 8 minute drive away from my new house there’s a man made lake that’s ripe for swimming. I’m excited to go there. I’ll live like a 2 min drive from my SIL, I’m really looking forward to that. We’re going to trade babysitting and stuff. Wooot.

As you can see, I’m not very interesting, I’m just day dreamy which means I’m unhappy in my surroundings right now. I’m just feeling cramped and feeling like a horrible mother for not being patient with Silas. I get a date night tonight so I’m praying that helps recharge my batteries!

To see photos from 8minutes’ Emily and our darling Silas and Isaac at the water spray park then go here

AHHH I forgot to do my Thursday 13!!


  1. I remember heat and babies being a challenge, sounds like its that way for you now. My “baby” is making me hot under the collar, if you get my drift.

  2. You know how much you all hate having hot and sweaty babies? Now just try being all hot and sweaty and 9 months pregnant. I think I’m dying.

    I knew we should have bought air conditioning when we built the house. ::sigh::

    I hope you’re able to stay cool today – it’s supposed to be hot again. Good luck!

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