18 More Days

I’ve really been enjoying connecting to old friends lately on facebook.com you can find tons of people on there. I’ve found so many that I’ve lost connection with. Some I haven’t seen since elementary school, it’s very cool. All of these posts get fed into my facebook profile too so I get a lot of hits from that. It’s nifty.

I feel like progress is being made with my darling Silas. He’s not hitting so much and he seems happier. He really misbehaves when Auntie Juju comes over so we need to work on that. He went to Auntie Jennie’s house last night for a while and Jennie said he did really well. Here’s some links to some videos she took of him.

This is him doing peekaboo yes, he covers his ears doing peekaboo.

This is him saying “ikey” but auntie Jennie thought he was saying sucky. Isaac is also featured in this one.
She had the boys because she offered to take them so we could have a date night. It was much needed. We went to Milestones and I was very excited for my meal. It’s from their summer menu. It was really disappointing which is odd because they’re pretty good there. My lamb was well done when I wanted medium rare. The sauce on the lamb was so overpowering that I couldn’t taste anything else and the rice was gummy. I was sad. Oh well. Just a waste of fat and calories. I shoulda got a salad.

This day turn out to be nice and cool which is wonderous. I’m so looking forward to the weekend and I really have my hopes up that Brently isn’t working tomorrow. We need to get things moving along with doing updates to our new place. Carpet needs to be picked out soon and also laminate. We’re going to rip out some of the downstairs laminate because it doesn’t do well in entry ways. We’ll tile that area. I’m so excited to move into my house. 18 more days.

Ikey just fell asleep all by himself.  good boy!


  1. I watched the videos this morning…I knew he was saying Ikey, I was yelling at the monitor, “Ikey is right in front of you, DONT YOU DARE GIVE THAT CHILD THAT SUCKY…IKEY IKEY YOU FOOL”! Just kidding, I didn’t say fool, I just added that for dramatic affect 🙂

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