Yesterday I got kind of sad. I was watching Sister Act 1 and 2 during my marathon nursing times. Those movies always make me cry because the music is just amazing in them. Especially the 2nd one. It also got me thinking about my music and how much I miss doing it. I was thinking about rehearsing and even just the smell of the old buildings that I’ve sung in. I’m missing it all. I really would love to get back in the game somehow. I’m going to try writing some songs a bit differently. I’m having trouble writing them with the guitar because I’m limited in the knowledge of playing guitar. Sure I’m better than most silly self taught girls but still not that great at all. I was thinking of using my computer program to create the music. I think it might be really fun and I’d get a new sound. Anyway, just thinking. I’m really missing it all though. Especially the smell of old buildings and fun relationships made with people you’re singing with. I need to be in a musical soon or something. Our city has a Gilbert and Sullivan group that I’d like to try out for when the boys are older. It’s all Operellas for those who don’t know. Opera but comedic. It’s a lot of very fast singing and being really over dramatic.

I’m 4 pounds away from this month’s goal weight. Perhaps I’ll make it to the bonus goal weight of 165. I never thought I’d be weighing this much still after having Isaac. I guess I had my fun with lots of food while it lasted though. I can’t stand being this weight and I’m glad I can’t stand it because it’s no problem whatsoever to get the motivation to lose it. It’ll be harder when I’m 140 and looking pretty good but not to my goal weight yet. This weeks weight loss has been slower but I was slightly naughty with our date night. I’ve cut out alcohol too. I’d drink it at night because usually Isaac sleeps long enough for it to be out of my system before the next feed but there was a few times where that didn’t happen and I had to try and keep him happy in the night until I could feed him. Bad idea. So that’ll help the weight loss too. I really hope this BC isn’t going to make this way harder than it could be. I’m still really considering the IUD. Even more so now.

Anyway, back to music. If any of you like really interesting and creative music you should check out Mario Spinetti , he’s very cool. A song of his was on So You Think You Can Dance so I thought he was getting pretty famous but it turns out that it was kind of a fluke that it got on there. He needs to be super famous because he’s incredible so go check him out. I added him to my friends on myspace and we’ve been chatting back and forth. I’m feeling more inspired musically because of him.

Oooo I haven’t talked about my children. Not much new with them. Ike is getting too big for his 3-6 month clothes which is unreal. He really is rather long and large. I love it. I love having big, fat babies. Silas tried to suck on Brent’s nipple last night and it was absolutely hilarious. He also said “booger” today. All good things. I need to stop now cuz we have to get this place looking clean because it’s being shown today. The sooner they get a renter for this place the sooner I can relax about cleaning it and we’ll have the crazy landlady out of our hair.

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