I’m grumpy today.  I was so stoked that Isaac slept all the way until 5am this morning.  Good boy.  But then at 6 he woke up and cried and would nurse for a few seconds and then cry again.  Silas used to do that too.  So frustrating.  Once he was back asleep Silas was up for the day.  Isaac is off today though, this is his first actual grumpy day.  I’m not sure if I know what to do for him.  He’s really having trouble with nursing this week unless it’s before bed or in the night.  Otherwise he’ll eat and cry and eat and cry.  I know there’s most likely a burp in his tummy, it’s just really hard to get that out of him for some reason.  It’s maddening.

Today is cheat day and I think I might go get some KFC.  I’ve been wanting to try them again since they’ve gotten rid of the hydrogenated oils in their cooking.  Perhaps it wont give me gut rot now.  Once a year I crave KFC and I eat a lot of it and get sick and then I don’t want it for another year.  I can’t believe people eat that stuff all of the time.  I want it today though, mmmm KFC.  I think I need to go for a drive now.


  1. KFC you say, I’ve been hungry for fried chicken too, hope your expectations were fullfilled, this time. As for me I’m eating berries these days. May your babies be happy today.

  2. Reading your blog, and a few others I realise how easy I’ve got it with just one child. I like reading about the complexities you face parenting your two, it gets me thinking realistically about the possibility of going back for another one. Anyway, you sound like such a lovely mother.

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