Bad Doggy!

I’m kinda mad at my dog Cleo right now.

We always have to put up a baby gate at the bottom of our stairs so she doesn’t get in to the garbages up there.

Today I forgot.

I came home and noticed I had forgotten and I bolted up the stairs to see the damage.  Computer room was ok, hall was ok, my room was ok…kid’s room….that’s where I got mad at Cleo.

Not because she ate a few diapers, it was my fault for leaving the gate down.  Not because when I went in to the bathroom I found more dirty diapers and other hideous bits of things I won’t speak about spread across the linoleum floor.  I didn’t even let my boys look in there for fear that it would alter them somehow.  Like baby Dexter in the shipping container.

I’m mat at Cleo because after she had her hay day with various body fluid catching recepticals, she took a big, fat dump in the middle of it all.

THAT was NOT my fault.

BAD doggy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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