My Neuro-typical

I often feel guilty that I don’t write as much about my sweet little Isaac as I do about my Silas.  I guess that’s because I don’t really need to raise awareness about neuro-typicals and find support networks.

Although, sometimes having an NT son is harder than one with autism.  But only sometimes.

Right now I’m sitting on the couch, still protecting my dog from when he decided it would be fun to scare her.  I still have a half moon stuck to my forehead cuz he said he wanted it there.  There’s lego all over the table and he’s found his way upstairs to watch a few clips of Pocoyo on YouTube.

He’s got a lot to say these days.  Like yesterday he said “Mommy, if you poop….you poop!” very matter-of-fact.  I’m getting what I was so sad about missing with Silas.  All the Kids Say the Darndest Things moments.  Although Silas makes me laugh sometimes too.  Especially when he takes a look at a cracker he’s eating and says “Mommy!!! It’s the shape of Nebraska!!!”.  Oh dear Silas.  Such a different world autism is.

Isaac is coming up to being 4 years old.  He still gets mistaken for a 2 year old now and then.  He’s my little teenie weenie boy and I love it.  I bought him a shirt for my sister’s wedding yesterday and I had to buy him a 3T…and it’s still rather roomie on him.  They have a chart of all the kid’s heights in the class and Isaac comes in a good inch shorter than everyone else.

We were kinda hoping he’d get the height from my family and Brent’s amazing sports skills….I can’t see the height happening.  But it’s super duper cute for now.  He looks nothing like a 4 year old.  Maybe I got confused and skipped a year?  Nope.  He’s near 4.

He sure is a sweet little guy.  I think my massive amounts of affection that I dote upon my children is rubbing off on him.  He tells me he loves me ALL the time and I get kisses whenever I want them…for the most part.  The other day in the car, after hearing me say “I love you”, he said “I love you too sweetie huns”.  He’s coming up with pet names!  They get called about 20 different pet names within a day.

What can I say?  I’m a lovey kinda gal!

Neither of my kids have been the full of energy type.  Hardly any bouncing off the walls here.  I fear, though, that Isaac is getting more energy every single day.  More energy and more need for attention.  He demands attention and will pester me relentlessly until I give it to him.  I love that he wants to be with me.  Unfortunately I find playing cars incredibly boring.  Fortunately he’s still up for tea parties and dr visits with his dolly.  That I can do.

As much as I don’t write about him, I’m incredibly involved with him.  We have a LOT of alone time together and he gets to go out and have LOTS of hot chocolate with me.  The ladies at the nearby starbucks know that I want my grande dark roast in a venti cup and that his half-sweet-no-whip hot chocolate isn’t acceptable without a happy face written in chocolate on top.  They’ve gotten really good at that happy face.

He gets to eat things that would never be allowed in our peanut free house.  Not peanuts of course but may contains galore.  Cake pops from Starbucks are one of his favourites.  He’s just the kinda kid you want to buy a big doughnut and watch him eat it because it’s so cute.  I think my father thought that of me when he bought me things like that.

I’m also very on top of things when his brother shows aggression towards him.  Sometimes it’s sickens me how awful it looks.  I feel guilty that he cannot always be protected even in our own home.  But, I tell Isaac everything he needs to know to keep up that self esteem of his.  It’s NOT ok for anyone to hit you, you are a special boy and you don’t deserve that.  He usually responds, through tears, “yes I am very very special”.  I have him confront Silas on it and tell him that it was not ok to do that.  No son of mine is going to be a victim and no son of mine is going to have issues from this bit of darkness in our home.  Therapy will be mandatory.

The good side of all that is that he’s amazingly in touch with his feelings.  His self regulation skills are phenominal.  Sometimes so amazing that it scares me that he’s pushing bad feelings aside TOO much.  He will be upset, take a deep breath and move on.  It’s amazing to see.

I could go on and on about this darling little stinker butt but I fear I’ve already gone on enough.  But now you know there’s actually another little person in my house who gets loved and adored.  I wish I wrote about him more.  Mommy guilt is a horrible thing.

I love you Ikey Bikey Boo!


  1. This is such a wonderful, wonderful post. Both of your boys are blessed to call you their mom, because you love them so much and you raise them right! I adore you for that, honestly! *hugs*

  2. Awe! I miss Ikey! being called Auntie Courtenay is probably one of my favorite things ever! We’ve been on a Lego kick at our place, and we really could have used another Lego Maniac!!

  3. I love him too. SO MUCH.

    “If a car crashes, it’s all wrecked, but if you fix it, then it’s nice and rolley.”

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