Bags For Zaza

Before we begin, I need to introduce you to three people. First off we have Joyce, she’s in my blogroll under Chronicles of Blunderview. She’s my MIL’s cousin and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her and she’s LOVELY! Anyway, read her blog, it’s hilarious and thought provoking.

Joyce also has a fundraiser that she’s doing called Bags for Darfur. She sews the most incredible bags and greedy women snatch them up as fast as she can put them online. I haven’t gotten one yet but I will…once all the greedy ones have finished getting their grubby fingers on them :). K no they aren’t greedy…I’m just slow. All of her proceeds go to Darfur. It’s really quite lovely.

Now, let me introduce you to my sister Jennie. She’s got this thing for sewing and creating and….copying. Anyway, she set her eyes on Joyce’s delicious bags and snatched one up for herself.

Jennie is a bit of a…collector. She had SKADS of fabrics, seriously, LOTS.

K onto person # three and this is how they all come together. There’s this wonderous blog that I read called My Sister’s Jar. Her name is Linda, she’s a published author and she’s also my sister’s sister in law (they married brothers). She’s adopting a little darling girl (who I plan on smooching and smothering when I get to meet her) and we don’t know who she is yet so Jennie cleverly named her Zaza (Kinda like she named Isaac Chim Chim). You must read Linda’s blog, it’s sooooooo funny and entertaining.

Now one day Jennie was thinking about her skads of fabric and she was also thinking about Joyce’s delicious bags. She soon realized her new calling. She too could make bags (we’re halfway across the country from Joyce so she’s not stealing any customers…Joyce can hardly keep up with her demand anyway!!) and she could give 100% of the profit to bringing Zaza home from Colombia. Sounds like an amazing idea.

Jennie’s sewed and snipped and ripped seams back out…and now her website is live and you can all go oggle over her bags and buy some. Although, I cannot promise that she hasn’t used unpaid child labor in the making of these bags. Her own adopted children are apparently rather good at cutting along the lines :).

So, please check out both Joyce and Jennies bags. Both are for great great causes. If you’re lucky then you might actually get your fingers on one because they do go fast.



  1. Seriously, I’m thankful. The bags are amazing. And I wondered who the other bag lady was. Thanks for clearing that up. The idea is amazingly well received. I’m thinking of joining the Zaza sewing team…. I have a “few” scraps myself.

  2. WAIT! Is Joyce the woman who bought the pink sewing maching???? If so, I’ve read her blog! She is one funny lady.

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