The Garden Was Done…

Well I was excited today, I had a great blog in mind. Then as I was making my eggs and tea I looked out my window and the big ugly spruce in my back yard came crashing down, and so did my mood.

You see, I’ve been asking over and over since April 12 if I could take that darn ugly spruce down. It’s right exactly where I wanted my veggie garden. No word came other than some strata minutes that said I wanted my spruce to come down. I’ve emailed her a few times and NOTHING. So then I gave up on it and spent alll weekend doing this:

the strata hadn’t cut our grass so it got really high and went to seed. We cut it ourselves and now it’s all ucky. Thanks again strata!!

yes those are beautiful, pink, glorious hygreangas that I’ve been drooling over for a lonnnng time

my pretty garden with carrots, swiss chard, beets, lettuce, zucchini, squash and kale. The tomatoes are in pots in the back

my dahlias, snap dragons, ornamental millet, lupins…some other things…gorgeous composter 🙂

And then now it looks like this:

All those needles in my freshly planted garden!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don’t know what to do!! They’ll poison the soil! I’m thinking I might have to scrape that soil off and then re-plant some seeds 🙁 My new gravel is all covered and I could have made my garden THAT much bigger if those JERKS had let me know!!

Everyone here has a spruce (almost) and they took them allll down.

So I think the plan I have is to take out all of that gravel and dig out the soil as far as I can because those spruces kill the soil. Then we’ll work on that ugly stump and perhaps plant a new tree or a big bush right there. The garden is obviously planted around that area so we might as well put a new tree there or something.

I was just so excited about it all and now they did that. Poo on them!!!!

This is what my garden looked like when we moved in:

Here’s some more photos from around my garden:

my favorite pot is doing well…that photo kinda sucks. Roselle planted it!! Those are tomatoes that still need some pots.

the beautiful hanging basket that Leanne bought me for my bday is very happy indeed. It’s going to have it’s own eco system by the end of the summer, it’s soo big already!

the front of the house is looking nice. Those are fuchsias hanging, covered in buds but only 2 flowers. I planted them really small. Yes we fit a family of four into that tiny car.

my pots are happy, and so is 1/4 of Silas.

my fence pots are happy too!! Gosh, I really should have taken the time to spruce these photos up…I usually do but I’m too grumpy to boost colors.

anyway, that’s all. Ikey is feverish so I’m going to dose him with some more motrin and hope for the best…poor fella 🙁


  1. It’s SOOOOOO gorgeous Leah. Very very very sweet and wonderful. I don’t think that amount of needles will poison your garden. Just throw some extra lime in (I think … isn’t lime the opposite of acid?). Or sit there and patiently pick them out while drinking a cup of green tea. I’m so proud of you – your yard is amazing and lovely lovely. Now it’s my turn!

  2. You did such a good job, I LOVE LOVE it. Sigh. If only I had a teeny yard. Ack, it still wouldn’t look as lovely as yours, you have THE touch.

  3. Wow your yard is awesome! I want to come hang out there. We’ve been looking around our yard wondering where a garden would work, just flowers so far. I’m jealous you have a lovely fence – if I had my way we’d have a very tall fence all the way around our yard so I could hide in there 🙂 I’m all upset that I planted my portulacas in the WRONG spot 🙁 Must find more sun. Hopefully I don’t kill them before then.

  4. I agree with Jen – I don’t think it will matter too much – just scrape the top off a bit. The yard looks absolutely lovely Leah – you really got the bug.

  5. I’m jealous. You need to come down here and help us with some garden architecture and planning, and we have the room which means you can have more fun.

  6. Hi to my dear Granddaughter,
    Love, love your yard. Very beautiful. We have quite a bit of catching up to do in our front yard. We plan to do the work tomorrow if it isn’t raining.
    I am curious about the needles and will check one of our professional garden books.. In this area the yards are beautiful and kept up. Better get busy.
    Love ya lots, Gram

  7. Your yard is truly fabulous looking!!! You did such a good job. Those people…the strata guys shoulda told you what their intentions were…but at least the thing is gone…yay. I’m glad I got to plant with you.

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