Weaning Ikey

So I just had this bright idea to make a video blog but then I felt dumb and I didn’t do it.  It made me giggle and feel funny.  I thought it might be a more personal touch to my blog.  Maybe I’ll try again.  Doing that might require a little more preparation.

So I’m working towards weaning Isaac.  I’m very excited about the idea of not nursing anymore.  Ya it’s really nice and whatnot but I’ve been nursing for TWO AND A HALF YEARS!! 30 Months!!!  6 of those I was nursing and pregnant, 5 of those I was fighting with Isaac to actually nurse, two of those I wasn’t actually nursing but still lactating.  I’ve actually been lactating for three years now.  I started leaking profusely the day before I entered my second trimester with Silas.  I didn’t sleep much that night, I felt too funny.

Anyway, weaning seems like a good idea now.  I’m tired of having drippy boobs and not being able to go out and have fun because I have to worry about nursing a poo-head.

I’ve gotten rid of any nursing during the day and we only nurse before bed and whatever other times he decides to wake up during the night.  I kinda like those nursing sessions though, especially when he’s all done and rolls over like he intends on staying the night with us.  I usually stare at his face for a bit and then snuggle him all the way to his room while kissing him 500 times.  It’s pretty nice.  Last night was the last time for any of that.  Ooo that’s kinda sad.  I think I’ll be happy to be done with it though.  I’ll just nurse him before bed and then I’ll get rid of that nursing after his birthday.  Got to at least make it a full year exactly right??

He wont be the happiest about all of this but he is actually finding a lot of comfort in just a sippy cup.  He sucks away and looks all dozy and happy.  he can maneuver a cup all on his own now too.  He doesn’t like milk, just water, but neither did Silas.  We find ways to get it in them.

Once I’m FREE then I’m going to go to Kamloops for a weekend to visit my bro and some old friends.  Hopefully I’ll see Nathan whom I haven’t seen since he was a brides”man” in my wedding.  And some other friends like Melanie who I went to high school with but actually because close to after finding each other on myspace over a year ago (we weren’t really friends in high school).  ALSO Brent and I have a little getaway planned for our Anniversary and we plan on going ALONE so that’s also great reason to be happy about not nursing anymore.

All in all…I’m just done with it.  Weaning sounds like a delicious idea.


  1. Big move! I’m excited for you not to have leaky boobs anymore! I know what you mean. Kayla nursed until she was 18 months old and then I got pregnant with Avalynn 4 months after that and my boobs were still making milk. Weaning is still a little far off for us just yet though.

  2. YAY!!! KAMLOOPS!!!!! I’m very excited that you’re weaning Ikey. What a big step for your little man. I didn’t get to nurse much with Jacob so I don’t know what you’re gonna be going through….but I’m still here for you. Still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact you’ve been lactating for 30 months….WOW! Your poor boobies must be happy they’re retiring.

  3. We were friends for a bit in Jr High…but I was too high and stupid to remember most of it lol

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