Baking Muffins

Call me crazy, but I think boys should learn how to cook.  I just think upon their future wives (if they get married) and think about how happy they’ll be if their husbands can cook.  Plus it’s just a good skill.  Anyway, I cook with my boys.  They love it and I love it too.

Silas usually helps me with what’s we’re making and I give Ikey a little bowl and stick stuff in there as we add ingredients.  It’s pretty stinking funny to see Isaac eat spoon fulls of flour and say MMMMMMMMMMM as he tries to swallow it down.  Funny kiddo.

Click here for my favorite muffin recipe.  I always make them with whole wheat flour though.  And today I added apples to them.

Anyway, today we made some muffins.  The kids were cute as usual while we made them so I thought I’d share some photos with you.  Yes, I’m back on the photo wagon…woooot.

Yes my kitchen is a mess…shush.


mmmm muffin batter
mmmm muffin batter


funny pose
funny pose



waiting for them to bake, you can see us in the reflection.
waiting for them to bake, you can see us in the reflection.


  1. I remember the time you got me going on scones and now its muffins…think I could make some tonight. Those photos or the people in them look good enough to eat…thanks.

  2. Great muffin making photos. How long did you sit there and watch them bake?

    You look so pretty. Your boys are going to look at these photos some day and say, “Wow Mom, look how young you were!”

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