Banana Muffins

A hush is upon my house.  I’ve found the key to quiet kids: letting them lick the batter bowl.  After a frustrating ordeal of making banana muffins with both kids…it’s nice to just sit and enjoy the quiet.

Today Silas was mad at me because I told him he wasn’t going to play on the computer (I’m trying to dramatically reduce media time…we’ve let it slip the past few months).  I told him I had a fun game to play with him and I got out the game Perfection.  Where there’s a timer and you have to get all the shapes in and when the timer goes off the whole thing pops and sends the shapes flying out.  It delighted him…at one point he was saying “where does the pentagon go!?”.

Part way through the game he said to me: “I like this game, it relaxes me”.  Whhhaaaattt?  Go Silas, telling me that the game relaxes him.  He’s such a rockstar!  I just can’t believe the strides he’s taken.

Now they’re both at the table enjoying some mini muffins; Cleo is looking at them, hoping to catch a crumb or two.

Anyway, I have to feed the kids more than just muffins for lunch and then get us all ready to go.  School for the both of them today and I must go to the gym.  My body sure doesn’t like losing weight like it used to!


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  1. I just wanted to thank you for your responses on my blog – and somehow magically both comments came through! Until today, I was always checking my email and everything on my phone and it views your blog in a different format so I wasn’t able to see your contact information or your photo. You are lovely.
    I read through several of your posts awhile back and thoroughly enjoy and can relate to your honesty and authenticity. If it wouldn’t be weird, I would love to meet you and share a pot of coffee and some heart to heart conversation sometime. No pressure. I’m really not good at those things… but I just felt a connection to you, and wanted to let you know that.

    With much respect and love,
    Laura Luyt, Joel Luyt’s wife
    little feet in my house

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