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If you didn’t see yesterday’s post you probably should.  Because it’s a cute little song that Silas and Brent recorded together and it’ll make you smile.  It’s only a minute long.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me so far.  Some really crappy things have happened, none that I’m willing to blog about…ya that crappy, and I’m still feeling really really good today.

Was it the sunshine this morning?

Maybe.  Could be the new drug I’m taking kicking in.  Yup, always trying to kick my depression in the butt.  Ever since Silas was diagnosed I just can’t hardly handle ANYTHING.  Paying bills, planning a lunch date, planning meals for the week, filling out forms.  I just have no brain for any of it!  Any little task has been so overwhelming to me.  It’s like the stress and the heartache from the diagnosis changed my brain somehow.

I’ve been very interested in Dr Amen and his work at the Amen Clinics.  He takes brain scans of people and has figured out how to change their brains, healing them, with food, supplements, exercise and sometimes drugs.  I was looking through his case study blog and it really shed light on how even annoying personality traits people have are really just an unhealthy brain!

So I’m going to try to start focussing on making my own brain healthy.  I’ve taken some of his recommendations and tried to apply them but there’s more steps I need to take.  Like hydrating more, no more coffee, cutting WAY back on alcohol.  His case study about a social drinker really scared me a lot.  This man had only three drinks a day, never got drunk, and he was 50 years old with an 80-year-old brain.  He had a lot of the same symptoms as I do.  Not that I even drink THAT much but sometimes I do.  Plus it costs too much money.

Anyway.  I think my feeling better today is that the new drug I’m taking has kicked in.  My Cipralex did help curb the sadness but it didn’t take care of my other symptoms like lack of motivation, poor focus, foggy brain.  That’s where Wellbutrin comes in. If every day I could feel the way I feel NOW, I’d be a totally different person.

So maybe I’m just having an “up” day…but it still excites me.  Because I used to love my up days.  I never get them anymore.

So here’s to some new healthy brain habits.  More water, no coffee, fish oils, way less booze and way more exercise.


I’ll keep you posted!


PS…who’s excited for the Bachelor tonight!!!??????

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