Feeling better today.  Isaac slept ok last night which I was thankful for.  He went down twice without me having to hold him to go to sleep.  That’s so important to me this time because I don’t want to have to rock my baby back to sleep at night.  I may as well get him used to it now.  We’ll see how it lasts.  He’s doing really well though, aside from his diaper rash.  It’s just around his bum hole but it looks soooo sore.  The cream I’m using isn’t working, my mom tried to find some Sudocrem but they didn’t have it at Save-on.  I might go out later and search for it because a friend said it works really well.

Something has gone wrong with the time outs with Silas.  He’s still doing little hits when he’s upset but now he’ll hit a few times and say “time out”.  He’s not sad about going in them and just talks to himself the whole time.  It does take him away from the situation but I’m scared he’s enjoying them too much.  I don’t know what to do now??!!?

My boobie is pretty much alllll better.  Goodness, a tiny little infection like that takes a toll on you.  I was so tired these past few days.  I feel normal today although it’s still slightly tender.  I’m glad I didn’t go to the doc.  Anyway, I’m tempted to have a shower and flat iron my hair to make me feel really good but I think I’ll be kicking myself if I don’t nap while I have the chance.  I like having my mommy here to help take care of things.  I think I’ll do ok while she’s gone though, I hope I can squeeze naps in more often than not.


  1. What kind of cream are you using now?

    I remember when I was a teenager, my half sister (just a few months old) ended up with a yeast infection. I was so grossed out, as I had associated yeast infections with sex (I don’t know why), and it took me a while to realize that they sometimes just happen, and that it wasn’t as weird as I thought!

  2. i was using zincofax but I got some sudocrem because my friend said it worked awesome, her boy had bloody blistered bum and it took it away in a day. Here’s hoping.

  3. Called you…talk to mom and Issac instead. I totally forgot how that teeny baby cry sounded. almost miss it…almost, but not too much yet. I call ya again later. love you!

  4. We had lots of success with Calendula Gel (calendula is the latin name for marigold flowers), if you want something else to try. You’ll find it at Pharmasave in the homeopathic section. Hope it isn’t bothering him too much. Also glad to hear you’re feeling better.

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