Piggy Baby

*sigh* Another day another blog.  I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of this?  Isaac had his one week check up today and he’s already 8 pounds 9 ounces!!  He was 8 pounds at birth then only lost 2 ounces so in the last week he’s gained 11 ounces, that’s nuts.  Silas got big really quick and I’m wondering if Ike is on the same path.  Silas was 20 pounds at 4 months.  Fat babies.  Dr. gave me a prescription for Isaac’s bum so it can be cleared up quicker.  I was glad to have it even though the new cream was working.  I can’t believe how much two little tubes of cream cost me…30 bucks.  Goodness.
I swear God was sparing my life today.  This world is full of bad bad bad drivers.  Old ladies driving the wrong way on one way places, people riding the lines, people in big SUV’s taking up both right and left turning lanes, poor mailmen almost getting run over.  The list goes on.  Bad drivers really drive me crazy!!  Especially the ones who don’t get to freeway speed when merging onto the freeway, or slowing down before getting onto the freeway exit.  GRRRR.  Ha ha…I swear that I’m the best driver in the world and everyone else needs lessons.

I’m still feeling rather anti-social.  If you’ve called and I haven’t answered it’s just because I don’t wanna, nothing against you.  I just had a baby and I’m hormonal.  I’m feeling a bit better about it today though.  I don’t feel much like visiting either.  My mastitis is completely gone, I proudly told the doctor today how I took care of it myself.  He was wearing some very tight tweed pants.  I also feel totally healed, although I know I’m probably not.  If I wasn’t still bleeding I’d think I was all good.  I so didn’t feel this way with having Silas.  Over a month after I had him we took him to Mantioba and the whole flight I was in agony from having to sit so long.  I couldn’t even sit down for an entire supper with the family, I was in sooo much pain.  I’m still so much in awe about the difference it makes.  I love delivering without forceps.  Another amazing thing is that I’m not itchy!!  For those of you who don’t know, I had this amazingly dreadful rash that came about 5 days after Silas was born.  It soon got worse and worse.  I’d just cover myself in Gold Bond and cry.  One doc didn’t do anything to help me (I hate her) but then I finally saw my doc who gave me some super amazing antihistamines and I was much better after that.  It was torture!!  I was sooo scared I’d get it again but I’m not feeling itchy at all so I’m good.

I didn’t realize how comfortable my bed really was.  I got it off of freecycle when I was pregnant so I never fully felt its wonder until now.  My goodness I love it.  For those of you who don’t know what freecycle is you should google it and find the online group for your city, it’s so helpful to get rid of and get free stuff!  Like new pillow top mattresses!

Anyway, I think I have talked enough.  Have a nice day!


  1. Yay for: Isaac’s bum getting better, for feeling good and not itchy, for your mastitis going away on it’s own, not dying in the car, and a comfy bed!

    I love my bed, and I can’t wait to properly enjoy it again. I miss my bed, makes me want to go home and lay in it!

  2. I bought my new bed and then couldn’t sleep laying down and spent months on my couch recliner (yuck). I’m now back to my bed, my belly is big enough to lay flat and not try shoving pillows underneath it. I love my big bed SO much!! Wish I was in it right now.

    I do that with my phone ALL the time 🙁 There are just nights where I don’t want to talk on the phone.

  3. I’m so glad your mastitis cleared up on it’s own. I’m glad Isaac’s bum is getting better too. We sure miss you – you should see Lucas terrorizing everything now. My life is forever changed. When Silas comes over he plays with the toys and doesn’t really touch anything else, his behaviour is so…mellow. Lucas…well, he’s turning into a temper tantruming terror who finds everything naughty to play with, climb on, pull off. And he hits and bites now – Especially when you say no no.
    Call me!

  4. What ever happened with your little car accident and the idoiot lady in la-la land who didn’t even care she hit a very pregnant woman?

  5. Did the sudocrem work at all? Miss chatting with you but it’s totally understandable since you just had sweet Isaac. If you ever need to vent, just let me know and I’ll listen, like always:)
    Glad to hear your sore boobie is better too.
    Hope to talk with you soon.

  6. I identify with being antisocial after a baby, I was like that. So don’t worry about it and don’t worry about my coming your way I plan to give you all the space you want and and as much help as I can within that space. Okay. So glad to hear you ddidn’t get the rash this time, I guess your body has figured out how to handle those hormones.

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