Alone Today

I’m having trouble with the thought of moving twice in the next two months.  This is going to really suck.  We’re going to stay in an apartment of a friends, he’ll stay with his girlfriend for the month of July so we can live at his house.  I’m selfishly dreading there being no washing machine or dishwasher.  I know millions of people do it all the time but I guess I’m spoiled.  We’re only going to bring a few essentials there with us and the rest will be put in a pod ready to be delivered on our move in day.  I really am praying hard that the tenants in our new house are leaving early…can you too?

Today is my first day all alone with the kids.  It was a beautiful morning so I took the boys to the park.  Silas had SUCH a good time.  Isaac slept in his new carrier which I love!!  Then we went to visit Auntie Juju at her work and then went out for breakfast with family that’s in town visiting.  I feel like I need to keep myself busy right now otherwise I’m ridden with anxiety.  I don’t see how people can live their whole lives with anxiety issues, I’d go CRAZY!  I can’t wait for all the hormones to go away.  Anyway, we got home and Silas conked out and Isaac and I took a shower.  He nursed in there but I don’t know if he really enjoyed it that much.  We got a different shower head and it doesn’t have a wide spray like our other one.  The water comes down hard and all in one kinda thing, feels nice on the head but not nice for laying in the shower, especially with my baby.  I think it was good to get his bum cleaned and feeling the air for a while, it’s slowly healing.  Last night was amazing, Isaac woke up once to eat and then slept until 7 and Silas didn’t wake at all until  7 too.  How nice.  Isaac cried out a few times in the night but didn’t need my attention, he went right back to sleep.  Woooot.  He’s awake in his bed right now.

Anyway, so much to do, so little time.  I guess 11:00 doesn’t mark my nap time anymore.  It more marks running around trying to get things done before crazy head wakes up.  He does SO much better when it’s just him and me (and Isaac).  He was so grumpy with my mom here for some reason.  He likes my mom a lot but he’s just weird when our own little world is different I guess…although the baby doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it.  He’s fine with us three.  Time to empty the dishwasher and fold some clothes.  Silas will be up soon.  Nap time suddenly goes by REALLY fast.


  1. Its awesome that Issac slept so good. Yay neff neff! All the help is nice, but there is definitely something to be said for having your own space.

  2. Sounds like your life is becoming more normal, and seemingly worked well today. your baby sure is getting off to a good start with his nighttime, good good.

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