Big Boy Bed!!

Nothing out of the ordinary happened last night. Silas went to bed easily and slept through the night. He woke up in the morning to throw everything in his bed onto the floor and proceeded to stand there and squack until I came to grab him. The only difference was he was slept in THIS!!

Yaaaaay! A big boy bed! I’ve been waiting patiently for one that is like this that’s within the price range I was looking for. This bed came up on craigslist at $15 bucks. WHAAA??? I offered $25 to ensure it was mine. What a deal. The people who we bought it from made it themselves and I just think it’s beautiful. Mmmm knotty wood with dents and character. The ONLY kind of character I want on my kids bed. I’m just not into having his room look like Disney threw up in it….each to their own.

We got it two nights ago but Silas was already sleeping. It also had to go through the meticulous cleaning process we put every used item through to ensure that any peanut residue doesn’t come home with it.

We put it together with him yesterday, the boys thought they helped a lot…

first they drove cars on the rails…

then they got down to business…


can I screw something too Dad?

all done, time for a rest.

It just seemed too high for him, as you can see above. A fall from that would have hurt quite a bit so Brent shortened the legs (sorry to the people who made it…) and then it was perfect!

There. Phew. Don’t mind the lack of baseboards. Those are next on the “to-do” list. Anyway. Silas went on with his evening and when we told him it was time for bed he exclaimed “Big boy bed? Go to sleep in big boy bed?!!” (I put question marks because he always talks like he’s asking questions). And after brushing his teeth he hopped into bed so fast and laid down. He then said a long-winded prayer thanking Jesus for all of his loved ones and “thank you for purple candle, thank you for pink candle, thank you for blue candle, thank you for black candle candle…”. Finally it was time to leave him and he went to bed like a champ. I on the other hand was downstairs biting my nails. Here he is all ready for bed.

At one point I had to go check on him and he was sleeping but sat up briefly and said “big boy bed” and put his head back down to go to sleep. So cute.

I was kinda worried he’d roll out so I just rolled up a pillow and put it under his sheets. I might go ahead and buy the foam things you put under the sheets because he was kinda squished last night with that honken pillow keeping him safe. He didn’t fall out. He just woke up this morning looking 10 feet taller to me.

I knew he’d transition ok. I guess the big determining factor will be nap time today. Wish me luck with that one…

So with the money we saved from being patient and buying used, I donated the difference to and adoption  fund (like I said yesterday) so I hope that helps them on their trip out to Haiti to visit their kids!


  1. We enjoyed seeing the bed all set up with your child in it! It was very cute with him in his “big boy bed!”
    My kids and I all are sitting around the computer and we thought it was all very cute!
    I’m glad it went to you!
    Take care!

  2. That bed is so perfect. I love that it’s handmade by a father. Leah – I seem to recall your “to do” list having a different name?!?

  3. I LOVE that bed – very cool! I am with you…I have a serious hate-on for disney baby stuff…oh my! I can’t even bring myself to put Kai in any clothes with characters on them…even if they were gifts. Isn’t that terrible?!

  4. Petara, you should put them on craigslist or freecycle for free. So many people really appreciate those clothes and they’re obviously not being loved at your house. I did the same thing and I loved the looks on their faces when they saw the nice, new clothes. The gift then became a more useful gift for me because I was able to bless someone else with it who’d love it. I know, perhaps bad in some people’s eyes but I just can’t hold onto things I don’t use, like, or believe in.

    MUAH I love you!

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