Birthday Weeeek!

It truly is amazing what a good nights sleep does for a person. Our TV has been doing this high pitched thing lately so I wasn’t able to watch Lost so Brent and I actually cleaned the kitchen before bed and then went to bed ourselves. I can’t believe how much better I feel today, I’ve been feeling like Zombie woman. Perhaps the TV should stay off more often. I can’t not read my book before bed though, that’s been the culprit a lot lately.

I woke up this morning, went into Ikey’s room and peered cautiously at him. He was squealing with delight. I sniffed the air suspiciously and then picked up the child and put his read to my nose. No poop. Delightful. A birthday present for my birthday week.

Yes, this is my birthday week and to celebrate I’m going to have a delightful evening out, GIRLS ONLY, at Olive Garden. All of my girls will be there accept the beloved Courtenay but she lives far away :(. I guess Jill wont be there either then too…she’s definitely one of my girls. Anyway, I hope that after some people will want to go dancing somewhere or to the casino or something. I’m riding in with someone who’ll actually WANT to stay out late so we can have a super fun night and pretend that I don’t have prison-like responsibility waiting for me at home :).

I think earlier tomorrow Leanne and I are going to go and buy some pretty clothes for that night. After the kids swap of course. Gosh I’m a mom. THEN on Monday I’m getting a spa treatment using my spa gift card from LAST year. It’s called “The Ultimate Vichy Experience”. First they do a dry exfoliation on your body, then a moore mud wrap, while your all wrapped in delicious gook you get a facial and then you get to lay under the vichy shower and try not to think about your children. I’m SO stoked. I need a good rubbing and mudding. I’m getting mom skin.

Anyway, I’m excited. 25 apparently is a big year, half way to 50. Oooo that kinda freaks me out a little.

good day.

PS sorry about yesterday, that’s all I could muster, I was a zombie.  I’ll leave you with this…

I got bored while nursing and twisted his hair…so cute.


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