Birthday Weekend.

Wow, what a weekend. I sure had a blast!

Saturday morning we went to a kids swap. We kinda got some acronyms mixed up and so we were at the wrong place. I was in tricycle hunting mode and as we finally got there and walked in all these people were leaving with tricycles. None were left :(. BUT I did score one of those wooden booster chairs from Ikea that slide under the table. I needed to replace my honkin highchair. 15 bucks, what a steal.

That night me and 9 of my girls went out to the most disappointing Olive Garden supper ever. But that’s OK, I kinda hardly noticed. It was nice to catch up with friends and we did A LOT of catching up because they were sooooo sloooowwwww. But it’s all good.

After supper 5 of us went out dancing and I didn’t get home until 3 am. Ha ha. I felt like such a cougar that whole time ha ha. I always feel older than people my age, especially those that don’t have kids yet. Anyway, I’m very sore now because these hips aren’t used to shaking so much. Ha ha ha. It was fun just to go out and let loose with my friends. I didn’t let myself think too much about my babies. I’m glad the dancing thing is out of my system though. I wont be doing that again for a while, especially without a male with us. Some people are relentless even though you have wedding rings on. I eventually flicked one guy in the forehead. I think he got the point. Ha ha.

Yesterday we had a birthday BBQ over at Colin and Leanne’s and it was lovely. I even got to see my cherished Randy (a family friend whom I’ve known my whole life and he married Brent and I and he’s my very favorite ever and I love love love love love him) whom I wrapped my arms around and clung to a lot of the time. My nieces an nephews went above and beyond the call of duty with their home made gifts this year. The drawings were actually framed and Amanda even made me home-made bath bombs. Very very special. Jennie also hand crafted me something amazing which she took home to finish. I’ll photograph it once get it back. It’s a very cute photo album thingy. Leanne made the most delicious cake. Yum.

I got loads of birthday money, some of which I already used for clothes (thanks Brent’s Grandparents) and the rest of it I think I’ll use for a tattoo. I want a nice, big, filligree one on my back…yum. I also got this monster hanging basket from Leanne…it’s going to become it’s own planet by the end of the summer…it’s so big, I’m in love. I got an Orchid plant from another girlfriend and a bottle of someone’s home made hooch…K it’s home made red wine…it’s funny to call it hooch though. Also some magic balls from the MIL and FIL. You lay on them in different places, helps back pain. Probably better than getting rid of knots by laying on Silas’ toys ha ha.

Anyway, here’s some picts from the BBQ. The person taking photos on my night out can’t get the photos off her camera so I’ll get those some of those to you 🙂 All of the non-incriminating ones 😉

Colin and Leanne got this swing set for free off of freecycle!!

We haven’t taken pictures together in a while so we took some self portraits and got Jennie to take a few. I love this photo…what a hunk.

Ikey mostly did this

my “twin”

Auntie’s do crazy things

Those eyes…*drool* I look like I’m glowing.

more love

la la la

blue steel?

and the other love of my life


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