Blogging Without Actually Doing So

I don’t feel like I’m in a good environment for blogging right now.  My computer is in my room because Silas and I have been snuggling in bed and watching netflix this week as he has been sick and I’m not moving it till I’m done folding all the laundry in here….cuz it’s so much better if you’re watching tv.  So I’m laying on my bed and I’m uncomfortable and I can hardly see the screen and Isaac is doing circles around me which involves him getting on the bed and climbing over my feet and then running his motorcycle along the keyboard.  Lemme also point out that he just dropped two F-bombs.

How could a child with parents with such upstanding and polite vocabulary have such a potty mouthed child??

This is really good incentive to get my folding done….REALLY GOOD INCENTIVE.

Oooooo I just remembered how to magnify my whole screen.

Although, enough with setting the scenario….I tend to set scenarios when I have no idea what I’m about to talk about….so I guess it’s time to get an idea.

May I just add that I’m listening to Roxette?

I’m going to see Roxette this fall and I’ve very excited.  I just wrote an entire schpeal on concerts and I deleted it because I was certain I would have lost the entire audience…if I haven’t already.

Welp, I’m going to get back to cleaning…

That, folks, is how you blog without actually blogging…..

I’m just going to add that I came upstairs VERY excited to give you a phenomenal and inspiring post, I choked….but just know I had half the intention….

The time I ate sea urchin…buttery



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  1. This is cute. It’s kind of like not knowing what you’re going to say ’til it comes out of your mouth.
    Don’t worry, you don’t have to be inspirational all the time. We have all experienced sick children, and those moments when we can barely put a thought together, much less a whole inspirational blog post.
    Hope your son gets to feeling better soon. May your energy and health last long enough to get him through it, and may you not get sick yourself.

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