I’m Going to be on Dr Oz!

Yes, you read that right!!  I’m going to be on Dr Oz!

A few weeks ago I received the strangest email.


My name is Hali and I am a producer at The Dr. Oz Show. I noticed that you had written about ________ – and since we’re a medical show, we are interested in talking to you about this further. Please give me a call back as soon as you can.  I would love to find out more!

Thank you!


Of course there was a phone number and the actual thing I had written about, which I’m not revealing.

I actually reverse looked up the phone number to make sure it was legit, I was worried someone was playing tricks on me!!  This is something that you only daydream about!

After getting up the courage to call her back, I could tell from the phone call that this was actually REAL!! She said she had just found my blog out of nowhere, read that particular post, and HAD to meet me!!  After a million questions, we ended our conversation with uncertainty, I needed to be approved to be on the show still and, I realized I couldn’t just up and fly to NYC without a passport.  Yikes!

It just so happened that my sister Jennie was off to the passport office the next day so she helped me with the kids.  It’s never easy being in a passport office with two kids, especially adding the fact that Silas broke out in hives because mommy and Jennie were smart enough to sit him at a table outside of an Asian food court…we so smart….helllooo peanut sauce.

It was going to be impossible to get a rush 24 hour passport without proof of travel.  One agent had told me I could get another kind that I would probably get on Tuesday morning (I was going to leave on Tuesday if I was going).  Another agent said it was impossible.  I was calling NY trying to get answers, trying to get this all to work out.  I’d hate to have this opportunity pass me by because I’ve been procrastinating on my passport!

Just as my number was called and I was walking to the desk for phase 2 of completing my passport application, the producer called and said she could get me my proof of travel that day!  It was like magic!  It all worked out, my passport application was approved and I was on my way to the Dr Oz Show!!

I’m scared to look at my cellphone bill, thankfully we had just received tax returns and I could pay for everything!

I was actually dancing when I walked up to the desk, it was the best news I had heard in years!

The next few days were dedicated to buying some new outfits (what was I going to wear??), shoes, getting nails done, waxing brows, etc etc etc.  NYC was waiting for me and I was going to arrive in style!

Things felt a lot more real when I had my passport in my hands.  Still, how could a brain really soak in the fact that this small town Canadian girl was going to be flown to NYC to appear as a guest on the Dr Oz show?  Brent made jokes that I was going to arrive and it was going to be The Dr OZZZZZZ Show, some crazy porno.  Thankfully it wasn’t :).

Monday night I received even better news.  My darling friend, Annette, was going to come with me!  She bought her tickets and I was able to get her tickets to the show!  Now I was REALLY excited.  I was excited to get away for a few days, to be going to New York, to be on a plane, to have a driver waiting for me at the airport with a sign with my name on it, to be staying IN Times Square, to be going to Central Park, to try New York pizza, to get my hair and makeup done, to see behind the scenes at the Dr Oz show, to sit in the audience, to be on stage with Dr Oz!  Everything was exciting, everything was something new.

When I thought I was getting nervous, I just thought about how warm and welcoming Dr Oz always seemed.  I’ve had camera experience, lots of it, and that helped too.  (I wish I could talk on my blog about it, but that would reveal where I live and such and I just can’t…boohoo).  I was feeling a bit anxious and so I googled him and just seeing his photos put me at ease.  That was really the end of any anxiety about being on the show.


I can’t think back to any of it without getting a massive smile on my face or bursting into spontaneous laughter, because when you watch the show, you’re going to laugh…hard.  You’re going to laugh at me and at the other people on the show, you’re even going to laugh at Dr Oz.  It was the most embarrassing and hilarious episode of Dr Oz I’ve ever seen.  I am so proud to be a part of it.  I believe it will be memorable, that my segment of the show will be memorable and that people all over the world are going to be looking at me saying “What the….?”

I’m pretty sure it airs on Sept 11/2012 which is easy to remember.

Tune in next time for the rest of my Dr Oz story.



  1. You have no idea how excited I am that you are going to be on this show… I think I will actually fork out the $100 to turn my cable back on for September 🙂

    1. hahaha that’s awesome. I think I’ll have some people over the day that it airs for a viewing party. You’re welcome to join us so you don’t have to fork out $100 🙂 Since we’re going to be real life friends soon 🙂

  2. I’m still smiling too everytime i think about the trip to NYC and the Dr. oz Show, we had such a great time!! I can’t wait for the episode to air!! We’ll have to watch it together when I get home!! I’m so glad I was able to experience this with you Leah <3

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