Ok Ok Ok

Ya I suck.

You know what my problem has been?  I’ve had my computer in my room so I can watch Netflix while I fold laundry.  Sad I know.  Because I don’t often fold laundry…because I put it on my bed and forget about it and then my husband puts it on a heap on the floor and then it overwhelms me and then I don’t bother until a moment of complete motivation and then I watch period films on netflix and fold all day and consider myself accomplished.


I’m starting up an exciting business and you’re all going to love it and buy things and help me pay for the minivan I need.  So I needed to set up my desk.  I love setting up a desk.  I looooooove office supplies!!  I kept them to a minimum this time.  I think I spent like $30 and now I have multicoloured pens and highlighters and a really pretty sticky note pad…amongst other things.




Thank you dollar store!  Note the wine glass, that’s an important part…


So, I promise I’m back.  I already have my routine figured out.  Well, I have two options.  1 – being my option for the hyper-motivated Leah that lives within my brains and doesn’t often come out to play.  It involves getting up the same time as my husband and doing things like a daily shower and exercise.  Really, all you need to know is that option 1 and 2 involve me getting home from taking the kids to school, making myself a nutritious breakfast, and sitting down to blog.

I’m just trying to get into the swing of things with both kids in school.  Also recovering from watching myself in a sports bra, proudly displaying my superfluous nipples on the #1 talk show in America.  You can see me do this Here.  When I watch it, all I see is my midsection and the fact that I clearly display that it wasn’t too warm in there.  At least I only have two that find themselves pertin this scenario.

In other news, I had a friend ask me where my bum was.  She must not have very photographic memory because she remembered it being larger.  It was a good compliment but I’m sure I haven’t lost a pound.  My lady lumps are right where they have been for ages.

Alright.  My husband came upstairs and said “oh I see you’re ‘hard’ at work”.  The poor fellow is too used to being the boss at his own job…he doesn’t realize that I’m my own damn boss!!  Little does he know that this entire post was meant to hype you all up about the fact that I’m now categorized as an entrepreneur (even though I had to totally google the spelling of that word…weird r in the middle) and now you’re all excited about helping me with that minivan.  See, I’m working my invisible arse off!!


Don’t make me feel this way people…I need a commemorative “back to blogging” comment from you.  Don’t be lazy…just fill out the stupid form I make you fill out.  I’m not going to send you emails or anything…I’m not a jerk…jeeze.





  1. WELCOME BACK! I’ve been pretty sucky at blogging lately too… also because of my new business. But I LOVE helping people! Your desk is very tidy… and I have to tell you that I watched about 27,000 netflix videos while I sewed the Bags for Zaza. :o)

    Way to make a come back! See you in 2 months!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi! I think you are fabulous and so does Harmony. She asked me to forward this email to you but since you want comments, here you go! (This is obviously about your appearance on Dr. Oz and since you mentioned it in your blog, I figured it was kind of related…)

    “I think it’s strange (and stupid) that they titled the segment ‘most humiliating questions’ when clearly Leah is not humiliated in the least, nor should she be. What a confident, well-spoken, intelligent woman she is.”

    I second that comment. Happy blogging! *hugs*

  3. BTW, love the wine glass on the desk. I keep telling my co-worker that we need a mini fridge in our office and wine glasses. It would make working so much more enjoyable. 🙂

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