Buddy and Ducky

Meet Buddy and Ducky.  I came across these two friends at a kid’s swap on Saturday.  This woman makes them with wool and expensive filling so they last a lifetime.  Buddy took two days to make and was $12, ducky took three and he was $14.

This lady got the pattern after flying all the way to Scotland to save her husband’s great grandmothers patterns from being thrown away.  Special dollies I’d say.

I bought two and then got her number so I could order more for Christmas presents.  I gave Ducky to Isaac and Buddy to Silas. Lucas played with Buddy a lot yesterday and insisted on sleeping with him at nap time so I think I know what he’s getting for Christmas.  I absolutely adore these little guys.

Buddy has been useful in getting Silas to partake in imaginary play.  He doesn’t pretend on a regular basis but he’s getting the idea with Buddy.  Today Buddy played ring around the rosie, he jumped on Ikey’s head, he climbed up to the lights on the ceiling and he also became the cow jumping over the moon as Silas held him horizontally in front of him.  Most were prompted by me, not the Ikey’s head jumping or the cow jumping over the moon.  Those were Silas’ clever ideas.

Brent and I are constantly trying to get Silas to pretend with Buddy and it makes for some cute moments for sure.  He’s really taking to a lot of the stuff I’ve tried.  Maybe he doesn’t have autism…maybe he’s just incredibly under-stimulated because I suck at playing with him.

Anyway, we love Buddy and Ducky quite a lot around here.  I’m sure hoping Silas and Buddy become super good friends.  He likes him but I’m waiting for when Buddy really comes alive.

Another story.  The other night we took the boys grocery shopping and it got dark by the time we came out.  Silas looked up into the sky and said “the sky is sleeping”.  Awwwwwe so cute.


  1. I used to suck at playing with my kids when they were littte but I got better at it …now I’m a grandma and I can’t wait to come play with your kids real soon.

  2. Buddy and Ducky are really cute. And so is your Silas. “The sky is sleeping.” Cute! I’m glad you share these stories with the rest of us…

  3. I can make buddy some clothes if he needs them. I’ve been washing 2nd hand wool sweaters to felt them for crafts and they produce a ton of wool lint. Probably enough to stuff a Buddy. I’m kicking myself that I haven’t saved it. I should dig through the laundry garbage… 🙂

  4. oooh, so cute & cuddly looking!

    It took me a really long time – a few years, to actually sit my butt down on the floor and play with my kids. I was just too anxious about getting stuff done around the house and I finally realized that once they’re grown, then that’s it. I will never have that time with them back again and it made me sad enough to just relax about the house and get down and play with them.

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