Sometimes it’s Useful.

Hmmm perhaps there is something to line up that he’ll also learn from??  Ya I helped him a little..but not really.  Silly boy.

Brent and I found out that we’re not getting medical for another 5 months.  We cannot afford to put him in to see a naturalpath right now.  I wanna start NOW!!!  Brent’s job isn’t paying as much as we thought it was going to.  In fact, we’re making a lot less now.  I guess that’s what we get for less stress, doesn’t help pay debt or bills or recover autism.  Money isn’t worth it to me though, I love my stress free husband too much.

I keep thinking it’s my fault Silas is labeled as such.  He’s so dang smart.  Maybe I’ve understimulated him to the point of madness.  So he lines things up to entertain himself while I suck.

Us mother’s hey?? Always blaming ourselves.

This is what you get when you leave a baby alone with applesauce.


  1. um that first picture of Silas looks like it should be in a fancy ad for some amazing children’s toy. I think I want to go buy letters just because you have great advertising. Also, You’d better believe you don’t suck at playing with kids. Look at your boys. They are well rounded little men who’s mom took more time for them than most. AND I’ll admit, Em did that with apple sauce like a week ago.

  2. Leah you take such great photos. I’m thankful this Thanksgiving time for the caring mother you are to our grandsons Silas and Isaac.

  3. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t blame yourself!

    Seriously Leah, you are one of the most hands-on Moms that I read about online on a daily basis. You put your children first and it’s obvious through your writing and photos. Please don’t be so hard on yourself.

  4. Um, it’s really bothering me that the lower case letters aren’t lined up… You definitely are failing in your parenting skills! 😉

    Thx for BIG pics – I have lovely new wallpaper now – even if it IS all covered in applesauce…

  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. STOP the negative self talk. Honestly, self deprecation is not very helpful. YOU ARE A FABULOUS MOM. Love you.

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