So, after lots of thought and conversation, Brent and I decided to stop the gluten and casien free diet because we’re really not seeing much change in him.  He’s progressed with language but just at his normal rate.  So, we’ve stopped with the expectation of maybe having to start again.  But he’s been his usually self all day today even after a bowl of Cheerios.  It’d be nice if we didn’t have to go back on it.

So we went to the dr today.  Ikey has had this goopy eye since birth.  It always leaks and sometimes gets super goopified.  Goopy eyes are always supposed to clean by 12 months but now we’re at 19 months and nothing has gotten better.   The hot cloths help but it should be better by now.  He’s being referred to a ped and he might have to get surgery on his poor little tear duct 🙁  Poor baby.

We also stocked up on more inhalers for Silas and a Ped appointment to see if he’s still allergic to peanuts….pray for a miracle there!!

Anyway, we’re hoping for all of this to go smoothly.  I hope there’s no need for surgery for my little ikey muffin and I hope hope hope this peanut allergy might have left us.  It’s been SO long since he’s had any hives and he’s had some crazy exposures.  PRAY!!


  1. Yes, we’ll pray definitely. Also, maybe he has inherited characteristics from your uncle Gary and I. While under water, scuba diving, if we build up a little air pressure by holding our nose, a stream of bubbles will come out of our tear ducts in the corner of our eyes. Must be a straight shot into where the sinus mucus is hiding.

  2. We tried the gfcf thing on accident about a year and a healf ago- he developed a bad stomach bug and was off all of the foods that usually have gluten and casien in them and we saw no change. In fact I know a lot of other parents who do it very strictly as well as biomedical things like suppliments and my son is still making leaps and bounds more progress than their kids are and he drinks a 1/2 gallon of milk a day and eats carbs all day long!

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