All of this cleaning I’ve been doing had lead to my stupid sciatic nerve flairing up.  My hips have needed adjusting for about a year now so I’ve finally decided to let myself pay for it and get it done.  Stupid sciatica, it sure hurts a lot!

I really want to go grocery shopping, like RIGHT NOW to buy loads and loads of delicious gluten and delicious casien.  Silas is still fine today, no extra stimming, no zoning no nothing.  So we’ll keep an eye on him but looks like we’ll be okay on this one.  It’s bitter sweet, I was hoping for a miracle but also, it’s so nice to be able to just have the peanut allergy to deal with.  SO nice.  Silas is surely enjoying his Cheerios again.  Yesterday morning when I asked him if he wanted some he looked like I was nuts and then said yes.  Without skipping a beat he also quickly added in that he wanted syrup, for some reason that’s a staple for Cheerios.  I always say yes :).


  1. Oh I understand the pain you are having! I had it so bad last year I could not pick my son up for 3 weeks- I actually could not life anything heavier than a gallon of milk- it was horrible…… worst pain of my life. I have had a terrible head on collision car accident and given birth but that was right on top of the list!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon- I go to the chiropractor a couple of times a month to keep it away 🙂

  2. Hope you got both the chiro visit because sciatica pain is hard to live with. Lucky Silas that he can have his Cherrios again.

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