Case of the Grumpies

I’m having a grumpy day today.

I dunno what it is.  I was grumpy at work last night too.  I’m not usually grumpy.

It doesn’t help that Isaac is Mr Whiny McWhinerson.  I don’t know what starting this for him but for the last two weeks it’s just been whine whine whine whine whine about EVVVEERRRYYYTTTHIIINNNNNGGGGG.

My saint-like patience is wearing thin.

Silas isn’t helping.  The violence continues.  Yesterday he drove a big, metal bus right in to Isaac’s face causing quite the bloody mess.  He felt super bad about it because he didn’t argue when I sent him upstairs.  When I brought Isaac to confront him and express his feelings, Silas was sitting with his hands over his ears.  But he listened and said sorry and gave Isaac a hug even though I could tell he didn’t want to.

We have a meeting with the school board to discuss his violence.  I hope we can get freakin over this!!  I have him in what I think is the best school in my area and I REALLY don’t want him being kicked out or something like that.  I’m going to be cringing picking him up from school because the boy that he often gets in scuffs with is in a mood today.  I forsee bad things happening with that boy today.

Thankfully I am warm under a blanket with a doggy snoozing happily beside me.  Ikey is quiet, for now, and laying on the floor watching Play With Me Sesame.  Silas is at school for another hour and a half….perhaps I can find a way to chipper myself up.  I don’t want to be grumpy for work tonight.

Here’s to getting rid of the grump….wish me luck.

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