Challenges of the Big Boy Bed

Well, this big boy bed thing is coming with a few challenges that I, for sure, expected.  Silas’ world of possibilities has opened up to him and he’s now realized that he can go and bring all of his toys into his bed with him.

He’ll be quiet for a while and we think he’s sleeping but then we hear a light tinking sound from his piano.  We walk in to see him cuddled next to the thing in his bed, along with his yellow metal bus.

Last night we heard footsteps above us so Brent went to investigate and he caught Silas in the act of trying to get ALL of his toys into his bed.  That boy doesn’t know much about sneaking just yet.  Brent made him clean it all up and get back into bed.

A few minutes later there’s more footsteps, I tell Brent to get his game-face on.  (Brent likes practicing his game-face that he’s perfecting so when the kids are in trouble, all he has to do is give them the look and they know….ha ha)  Brent comes down feeling sheepish, Silas had smiled at him and then Brent couldn’t help but laugh at the guy.  Way to go game-face man.  Silas went to sleep after that.

I don’t think he’s being that naughty, Jill pointed out to me that he’s not being bad, he’s being two.  You can’t hold being two against someone.  Just like you can’t hold being 14 against an annoying teenager.  It’s not their fault, it’s their age.  Anyway, we pretty much think it’s adorable that he’s trying to fill his bed with all of his toys, we’re still trying to stop it though.  “You CAN play with your toys in the morning” :).

Yesterday he managed to sneak a shampoo bottle into his room before nap and then proceeded to open it and spill it in various places around the room.  I came in smelling mint, and there was my husband’s bottle of UBER expensive Nioxin (this stuff is miraculous for stopping and fixing balding) open and spilling out onto Silas’ bed.  Fury then struck me but I (almost) kept all of my cool.  I tried to make him sleep in my bed but he begged for his big boy bed so I put him back and he promptly went to sleep.

After that I decided to take back my bathroom.  Enough of this stealing of my bottles of lotions and potions.  I put locks up and cleaned up everything so his filthy little paws can no longer wiggle my bottles of things and line them up.  He’s not very pleased but I am feeling victorious.

I feel like I have to keep writing because Isaac isn’t sleeping yet, I always write while he naps.  But, I’ll spare you.


  1. I think it’s funny that he brings the toys back to bed, rather than just playing with them on the floor. He obviously knows he’s suppose to be in bed.

    And I CAN hold being 14 against an annoying teenager.

  2. So you mean…. I can’t hold being 18 months against my little daycare boy. He’s driving me insane and I’m putting that lightly. I’m thinking it’s not fair that I have to go through all these stages with so many kids. By the time mine gets there I outta be a champ, but then they are all different so I’m sure I’ll be just as crazy. 🙂

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