Ikey Motorbikey

Can you believe that Isaac is 10 months old already?  He’s like, 10 and a half months actually.  That’s pretty dumb I think.  I’m going to miss having a baby around.  Hopefully we’ll be able to adopt a young one one day.

Isaac has been doing some very silly things lately.  He really enjoys it when we do “praise the lord”.  I say it and he raises his hands as far up as he can (not the Mennonite blood in him for sure).  How come baby’s arms hardly go past their heads?  Usually he initiates it and he wants me to say it over and over and clap for him.  Sometimes I’m mean and I tickle his armpits, it’s just so tempting.

He’s also spent the last four days with his tongue poking out of his mouth.  Every once in a while he touches it to make sure it’s still there and then goes on with his playing.

Isaac needs something in his hands at all times.  He likes something with a handle like a toy shovel or hammer, sometimes my facial brush or my massive scratchy round brush.  He loves those things.  Sometimes they can hurt while nursing though.  The shovel and brush being the most painful.

I just can’t believe how different this boy is from his brother.  He’s so into everything and his attention span is much shorter.  He wants to touch everything and be a part of everything.  There’s no way he’d put his head down to cuddle longer than 2 seconds, but he will give many kisses.  And he doesn’t care if I say no or not.  Silas was so happy to just sit for so long and read books and was so obedient (WAS being the key word there).  If I try to read Ikey a book he starts attacking it before the first page is over.  I love their differences.  My sister Jill raised a good point that it’s probably a good thing that Silas has the peanut allergy, he seems to be a more focussed person.

Isaac has also come up with his own sign langauge for food.  When I bring him something or if he wants something I’m eating he opens and closes his mouth, half smirking.  How can you say no to that?  It’s painfully adorable.

He also laughs hysterically when Brent sticks something in his mouth and then drops it.  Apparently that’s just the funniest thing in the world.

He’s really starting to do more parallel play with Silas.  Silas is almost entirely amazing at sharing with him and there’s few battles about stolen toys.  They’ve been enjoying shaking their heads at each other and they both giggle to see the other person doing it.  It seems like their age gap is getting so much smaller already.

I’m so happy to go into Ikey’s room every morning and see that he is still a baby.  The day I walk in and see a young boy will be bitter sweet.  I love having a baby around, he’s so pleasant and so much a mama’s boy.  He’s just my little joyous angel.  I wish I could slow this next year down, where he turns from baby to boy without me knowing it.  But I know it’s sure going to be amazing to see him start to run around with his brother and start seeing them communicate better.  I guess he’ll always be a baby in my eyes anyway.

PS…Silas cuddled with me in bed this morning for an hour and a half, aside from the sore hip it gave me, it was amazing.


  1. Aaaah a cuddler! Lucky! Baby has started this new thing of rolling around on the floor with a blanket for about an hour at night before he wants to go to bed. I’ll lay and roll around with him because he’ll climb up and cuddle a bit and then roll a bit more and then come back for more cuddles and kisses. I love it!

  2. Oh Ikey, my darling nephew – I love you so much. You are so squishable and delishable. You remind me so much of your Mommy when she was your age. She was squishable and delishable, too. I love your kissable cheeks. And I love your adorable wrists and ankles and fingers and toes. Such fat little morsels of yumminess. I love how you need to know what’s going on all the time and you appear to find the world so interesting. I love watching you watch life.

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