So, I started to look at composters yesterday to see if there was a smaller one that was nice and sealed so it didn’t stink.  I came across this:


click the photo for their website

It’s a composter that you keep in your KITCHEN or outside and it’s all electric and computerized and wonderful.  It’s made out of recycled materials and even though it uses electricity it’s way better for the environment than hauling your food off to the land fills.  I didn’t know that food and paper count for more garbage than tires, diapers and Styrofoam COMBINED!!  And you think it’s biodegradable but when it’s packed so tightly in the landfills and then covered with water and soil no oxygen gets to it so it’s going to be mummified there for centuries!!  Things I would have like to have known YESTERDAY (Wedding Singer….watch it).  I have never known this.   I recycle, I use biodegradable household products, I try to not let my car idle, I get American Forests to plant my 30 trees/year to make up for my yearly omissions (it’s only 30 bucks, so worth it.  Mine get planted in Siberia to help the tiger’s habitat) .  I do waste water a little muchly but who’s perfect?  Anyway, I REALLY wanna compost.  This thing costs 500 buckaroonies.  Anyone know of a non stinky non expensive one that you can keep throwing stuff on top of?  Some of them you have to make batches.  Anyway, I think I’m going to save my pennies and get this thing.  I’ll put my birthday moolah towards this now.  I can’t stand throwing food bits out now.  I wont put paper in it because I think it’s better to recycle the paper but the food bits, oh the food bits.  I just see it being embalmed for eternity in the stupid landfills.  I had to apologize to the rotten blueberry I threw out.

Anyway, I hope this gets some of you to think about composting too.  Who cares what you do with the compost at the end.   If you don’t garden you can give it to people who do, you could probably sell it even.  And if anyone was thinking of getting us a housewarming gift…. 🙂 Donations toward my dream machine are accepted!

Auntie Jennie is spending the day with us.  She’s “sick”.  We’re going to put Ike to bed and then cut her hair.

PS all my info came from the composter website


  1. Thanks for the post. I also like the idea of composting, but I live in an apartment. So what do us apartment dwellers do with our food stuff. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Like you I am into alot of environmental activities and hate throwing out food scrapes.

  2. I know the Funksters compost…they have a stainless steel bucket they keep in their kitchen and then they take it out into their backyard…you should phone them and ask them how they do it. Then maybe you’ll get a supper invite…
    All my blueberries are deliciously frozen for the winter now. Yay!

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog about adoption! hey, if you have a heart and desire towards adoption, money will NEVER be an issue. we tell people this all the time, and it’s really true. there’s so much help, resources, grants, etc out there making it easier for people to come up with resources to adopt.

    as for composts… my friend over at just got a composter. i think he has a something called BIOSTACK stacking composter…. you could check it out, he loves it.

  4. I WAS sick you dork. You’re house is just way more recuperative than mine … when my kids are home.

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