Concert Afterglow

I’m wondering if I should smoosh all my great things into one blog today or break them up into a few different blogs.  I think I’ll save the amazing sandy baby bum photos from our beach day for tomorrow heh heh heh…a reason to come back right?   Ooooo they’re nice.

So Brent and I went to see Blue Rodeo last night!!!  I’m basking the in afterglow of their magnificence.  They’re oh so goooooood.  And the rain stopped just in time for us to enjoy the concert and stay completely dry.  We came very prepared for wetness.

I’m a newer fan of them too.  A lot of people are fans because they’ve been listening their whole lives but Brent introduced them to me.  I had seen them once in Halifax at The Great Big Picnic but I wasn’t very familiar with them aside from their big hits.

We were really close to the stage, I figured we never go to concerts so we might as well make the most of this one.  I got the tickets for Brent for Father’s Day :).

My only disappointment was that Jim Cuddy didn’t sing Try.  That made me sad.  That man’s voice is like butter.  So strong and so amazing.  It’s at it’s best when he’s singing live.  Just amazing.  All the musicians were super duper good.  Every song turned into a long jam session with lots of solos and it was just so well done.  Plus Jim Cuddy is delicious to look at as well so that added to the wonder of the show :).  Oh ya, of course Greg Keelor was great too…he’s the other singer.  I’m more partial to Jim but Greg really amazed me, he’s gotten better.

It’s so great to see a good band that’s made up of amazing musicians.  The quality of music was just phenomenal!

K, in other news…It’s Brent’s last week at his job!!  Next week he starts working for Metro Vancouver!!!  Human Resources called him and told him the job offer will be faxed this week!  I’m so stoked for us!!  You have no idea how much stress he’s been under for so long.  He’s been one of the people in charge of a 30 million dollar project and goodness me does that take it’s toll.  Now he’s going to get to have a HUGE cut in the stress factor.

I added up how much money we’re going to be saving by him driving a city van and having a gas card, that’s at least $500 a month and then once we get medical we wont have to pay the BC medical basic fees so that’ll save us another $100 bucks a month!!  Plus any medical expenses and van issues aren’t such a big problem anymore.  Once the medical kicks in Brent and I are both getting eye exams, he can get new glasses, we can have our teeth checked out…although I think their fine…my mom can read xrays fairly well.  I might get him talked into getting braces 🙂 muuuhahaha.

I’m glad he’s getting out of the whole building thing.  The excitement around it isn’t going to last much longer, the market is changing.  With his new job he’ll never have to worry about the market at all aside from our own home.  We could perhaps move to a different town if he lands a different city job somewhere.  I just like knowing I’m not stuck out in the lower mainland for the rest of my life because there’s enough building here to keep us going.  I have a feeling I’ll hardly survive another rainy winter.  Perhaps perhaps perhaps.  Our eyes are on the Okanagan.  I will have family there soon and Brent has family there already…hmmmmm…the sunny Okanagan.  Fruit trees…nature…real winter…*sigh*.  I just like knowing there’s suddenly possibilities for us 🙂  Wooooot!


  1. ooooooh, the Okanagan. I hear the fire departent is hiring there soon, too! Maybe we should both move there! 🙂 In my dreams, we could never afford a house there!

  2. Well, they’re a HECK of a lot cheaper than where i live missy. Check out MLS, it’s not that bad. But they’re not allowing 40 year mortgages anymore so it might be harder…that’s the only way we got our place.

  3. That is why you move to the Kootenays!! Places are cheaper, close to the Okanogan, plus it is beautiful! That is just my opinion 🙂

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