Gunna Make Some Memories

Wanna see where I get to spend Christmas? Hopefully there’ll be walls and warmth when I arrive, I’m counting on it.

This is the new house my parents are building, their dream house. I’m SO excited for this house. They’re building it totally wheelchair accessible for when their old a decrepit. So I know they’ll always be there. No more moving.

I just can’t wait for the memories that we’ll have in there. It’s being built to make great memories, lots of space for all of us to fit. If you give birth to five kids, you’re going to have to build a BIG house one day for grandkids. They’re lucky I’m the only one spitting out babies right now ha ha.

I can’t wait to drink wine in the hot tub or send all the kids up to the great big playroom so they can stop bothering us. When they’re all older we’re just going to shove all of them up there to sleep at night. Oh the fun they’ll have.

This is where my kids will always come to visit their grandparents. They can build forts in the woods and when they’re older they’ll recall all the great fun they had when we went there.

We’ll be able to still walk right down to the lake to go swimming in the summer. I can’t wait to show my kids how to swim allll the way across like I used to. And to take them out fishing in the morning…you never catch any fish in there but it’s still good fun. And when you do, they sure are tasty.

I miss the house I grew up in but the fact that they’re building something that’s going to make visiting them SO much more fun because of how it’s built makes it ok with me. I’m SO stoked to make memories in there. It had better be ready for Christmas!

You can all take off your helmets and bullet proof vests…my hormones are back to normal…I love everyone again.  Gosh, getting back to normal after you have kids is a long a grueling road.  Hormones usually don’t effect me like that.


  1. ME TOO! although, you’ll have to give me a lot more than wine to get in a hot tub. i think a little 4-person sauna set back in the woods a bit with a meandering stone path to dash back and forth at -25 on would be lovely! please marky…please please please with x & o’s!

  2. I’m so jealous of you and your parents! This is my dream to live on a lake and wake up every morning to the sun rising and watch the sunset every evening. ahhhh… peace and tranquility and tall pines and falling asleep to the crickets chirping outside. just gotta love it.

  3. Hey, don’t forget that we grand parents have seniority when it comes to the choice of spare rooms. After all, if it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t be able to be there to enjoy the new home. In fact, I think you will be delegated to the “big room” along with your boys at least for this first year.

    To ADD Mama. And the Loons calling out in the evening just add the finishing touches to a perfect setting.

  4. Ouh, congratulations to your parents! Will you post pictures of the house WITH walls and other such little details?

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