Hormones are Nuts

So it wasn’t the Midol…I’m just nauseous…but I think the midol did make me shaky.  I forgot that I get this way at this time of the month sometimes.  Ever since I had Ikey I every once in a while get a massive surge of hormones during my period and I get GRUMPY and nauseous.  I feel pregnant.  Ew.  BUT I always lose a little weight when this happens.

So last night Silas was tooting like a mad man so I thought I’d bribe him on the potty with chocolate chips.  I gave him some and said he had to go poop before he got anymore.  He kept asking and asking and I kept saying “when you have a poop” and finally he stands up, picks up his potty and dumps it, all over himself and the floor.  Like seriously a cup of pee.

Brent took him to the shower while I cleaned up and I began to laugh manically because I had a bad day and this was just topping it off.  But then I realized he was just trying to show me that he HAD done something on the potty and that he should have chocolate chips for it.  S that’s pretty funny…in a gross way.  Enough to make me laugh maniacally…all alone…cleaning up pee.

I’m not actively trying to train him.  I just see here and there if he wants to try.  I’ll know when he’s ready.  I’m not going to drive myself nuts about it.  I’d rather wait until after he’s ready than go for a month when he’s not.

My mommy will be here today and Grams and Grumps.  They’re going to come for supper and mommy is bringing two lamb leg for our enjoyment.  I rock at lamb.

This Sunday Brent and I get to go see Blue Rodeo.  Wooooot.  We’re going to leave after church and have some fun in Vancouver before the concert.  Perhaps go out for supper somewhere noice.  Then rock out with Blue Rodeo and scream when Jim Cuddy sings Try…maybe bring some panties to throw…who knows…anything can happen at a Blue Rodeo concert ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, I’m going to go be miserable in my hormonal imbalance.  In a few days I’ll laugh at how grumpy I was and it’ll all be over.  Hormones are nuts.


  1. Aren’t mommies wonderful? I don’t know what I’d do without mine! And showing up with leg of lamb, no less! How fabulous! Enjoy her hugs and pampering, and have fun at your concert!

  2. Ha ha. Use your words Silas! Poor little fella, so much to tell us. I still think a lot of his frustration has to do with not being able to communicate what he’s thinking/feeling.

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