Stupid Midol.

WHY do people take Midol? This stuff sucks. I’m sick and shaky from it, my whole body feels very odd and wrong. That’s what happens when you’re anti drugs and then you take them out of desperation…your body revolts. Midol is going in the garbage. Ibuprofin is my friend. I feel like I might vomit. Helps PMS my large-but-getting-nicely-toned bum bum. Doesn’t do a single good thing. Stop taking it. Pamprin has the exact same ingredients…so do the ones that say they help your mood, the exact same ingredients…how do people get away with that??

Speaking of PERIODS which I like to say LOUDLY to make people feel UNCOMFORTABLE ( like I did at Milestones that one time…people glared…remember guys?) Try organic tampons and pads. They’ll change your life, rock your world, make you say “wowee hokey dinah!”.

I’m in a mood. A not so good mood. A mood that makes me want to sleep or go like…break something. No apparent reason other that the evil side effects of disgusting drugs and…life I guess. I need my Mommy who’s coming here tomorrow so then I can have her. Mommy will you snuggle me tomorrow?? Grams and Grumps are coming too so then I can show Grumps my garden in real life and he can drool over the amazingness of my tomato plants and marvel and pine over the beauty.

Out of sheer curiosity over what the Hubub is about, I’ve bought A New Earth and am reading it with much interest. I think I’ll do the workshops on Oprah’s website too. Parts of the book make me wonder if this guy is the Anti-Christ lol. But he’s not…he teaches from the Bible but he’s an evolutionist and a seemingly universalist which is something I’ve been accused of being but I’m not. Aside from the religion part of it, which isn’t the point of the book, it’s really interesting.

Silas, oh Silas. I dunno what to do with him. He’s a GRUMP. I can’t wait until his ped appointment to make sure there’s not something else going on with him. Hopefully it’s something else like he needs glasses and not like something serious. I’ve decided he’s doesn’t have autism or any other issue, he’s just a musical genius full of emotions and creative energy. Us musicians are always overly emotional and geniuses are usually messed up anyway. Shut up and let me enjoy my denial. Besides, can YOU harmonize to twinkle twinkle?? Didn’t think so.


  1. Sorry you’re not feeling the best. Does knowing that I like you and that my ninja can kill your ninja make you feel better?

    If you ever wanna talk “A New Earth”, I got lots to say. 🙂

  2. Yes, I can harmonize to “Twinkle, Twinkle” My, you sound crabby. Ibuprofen works best on smooth muscle cramps as in your period cramps. I’ve told you that before. . . is that why you took the Midol? You can cuddle lots tomorrow sweetie – love you tons and can’t wait to see you guys.

  3. I am giggling under my breath because I’ve been buying these “Fiber One” bars. They are like granola bars with 9 grams of fiber in each one, but they are like CANDY BARS and my kids love them! Well, I forgot they had already had one today and my little guy got a hold of another – Yep, he’s paying for it today with quite a few nasty diapers!

    I have survived on Ibuprofen at least once a month. It is my savior when I am cramping!! I take 3 at a time.
    hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!

  4. Hello dear Leah,

    So sorry you’ve been in a mood. I know just what that’s like! I finally went to my homeopath last month because I had a suspicion my hormones were very off, and it turns out … they were! (She said my “estrogen receptors were all gunked up.” Seriously-that’s exactly what she said!) We think it was because of some cheap-o Trader Joe’s calcium supplements I’d been taking that confused my body. After some homeopathic remedies, this month was completely PMS-free!

    I’m a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. I think it’s cool that you’re exploring his ideas with an open mind. The webcasts of his interviews with Oprah were really fantastic. The first few dealt a lot with people’s concerns over where his book fit in with Christianity and religion, in general. It’s worth a listen.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. My Google reader has mysteriously disappeared from my home page, and it was “out of sight, out of mind” for a bit while I’ve been working on the 2nd edition of my book.

    Big hugs to you, and I hope you feel better soon!

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