I Want To Cut Off My Nose

  Everyone is outside right now, enjoying the sun (finally!) on the first day of summer.  I am inside with a pile of snot-rags beside me. This. sucks. Moms, have you ever noticed…after having babies…that sneezing is a pretty dangerous thing?  You kinda have to cross your legs realllly tight and hope for the best. … Continue reading I Want To Cut Off My Nose

Stupid Midol.

WHY do people take Midol? This stuff sucks. I’m sick and shaky from it, my whole body feels very odd and wrong. That’s what happens when you’re anti drugs and then you take them out of desperation…your body revolts. Midol is going in the garbage. Ibuprofin is my friend. I feel like I might vomit.… Continue reading Stupid Midol.