I Want To Cut Off My Nose


Everyone is outside right now, enjoying the sun (finally!) on the first day of summer.  I am inside with a pile of snot-rags beside me.

This. sucks.

Moms, have you ever noticed…after having babies…that sneezing is a pretty dangerous thing?  You kinda have to cross your legs realllly tight and hope for the best.  Try to not make it obvious when “the best” didn’t happen for you…don’t look nervous!

All of this is turning me in to a mouth breather!

Do you guys know what cottonwood trees are?  They’re these big, leafy, wonderous trees that are great to look at and fun to climb.  They are everywhere where I live.  E-v-v-vvvvvv-errrryyywhhheerrreee.

These trees have put a fun evolutionary spin on procreation.  They’ve figured out how to encase their own seeds in this cottonny fluffy stuff that makes it look like it’s snowing for a good 2-3 weeks in June.  It gets everywhere.  It confused my children in to thinking it was winter.

This fluffy crap is HIGHLY ALLERGENIC for certain people – like me.

When it comes to this fluff, Aerius doesn’t BEGIN to have me “soaring above my allergy symptoms”.  Aerius + 2 Benedryl doesn’t either.  I end up a very groggy, grumpy, sneezy, nasty hag that desperately needs a nap and some sort of hazmat suit to keep the nasty fluffy crap away from myself!!!

I shouldn’t have bragged 3 years ago that I didn’t have seasonal allergies.  Forgot to knock on wood…





  1. I’m with you. I hate cottonwood trees, there are other pretty trees in the world, all cottonwood should be burned…or at least shrink-wrapped for their seeding season!!!

  2. As you probably already know, guess I’ll have to confess that my genes are at least partially responsible for your allergies.

    Gramps R.

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