Hockey and Fires and Riots OH MY

My forehead itches…my sinuses are burning…my eyes feel hot and watery.  Aerius is NOT helping me soar above my allergy symptoms today.  Not at all.

What a week hey?  First we are all excited about the playoffs, then we’re sad cuz the Canucks lose.  That sadness was overcome with absolute disgust and horror as we watched hooligans tear our city down.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a heavy heart.  The world watched and put all of Canucks fans and Canadians under the same umbrella.  I felt the guilt of what I hadn’t done and the shame and embarrassment because the whole world watched it happen.  I looked through hundreds of photos, trying to help ID who these stupid people are.

So many of them proudly did all of this and with the magic of Facebook, people were able to ID some of the worst of them.  It’s not a very good idea to break the law in large crowds of people holding cameras.  People were able to screen capture what people had put as their facebook status, confessing everything they had done.

Stupid people in large groups….nothing good comes out of that.

Holy cow these allergies are torture.

Yesterday, thousands of people came out to show what Vancouver is really about as they helped clean up the mess those idiots made.  I wanted to take Silas and Isaac both out of school and just go but I was scared of broken glass and such things so we continued our day as planned.  I really wish I could have gone.

I hope the world pays attention to the fact that many more people were cleaning than rioting.  I REALLY do.

Now we will move on and hopefully not give those jerks any more attention.  I think the police will be held accountable to charging these people because the city did loads of work trying to ID them.  Please do something about this people, make an example out of them.  The law states that there should be a 2 year jail sentence for rioting.  I hope they follow through with that.

Okay, these allergies are so bad I’m gunna freak out.  I hate it when it gets like this.  I’m waiting for the call for them to say the Dr has refilled my Flonase prescription so I can squirt that stuff up my nose and feel like a normal person.  I hate being like this.  Kick in allergy pill kick in!!

Going off my antidepressants is complete!  Even though it’s been a few weeks since my last pill, I still get some electric shocks.  My feeling are SO much more intense, not a fan of crying a lot more.  I go through some really horrible emotions but I’m sure it will even out.  I hope so.  I’m not the nicest person right now but I am committed to continuing on this way and fixing the real issues rather than medicating them.  It makes it all very…real…my struggle with depression.

Ok whoever said saline rinsing worked for allergies is a total liar.  It hasn’t done anything and I’ve done it twice each with a full cup of water.  Poo on them.  POO POO POO

Take care folks and have a good weekend.  I’ll leave you with some cuteness.

Nothing cuter than a little one with a doggy

This photo makes me smile

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  1. Your little boy is so adorable and I absolutely love your black and white header…..

    Yes,many people woke up on Thursday morning with heavy hearts and a some shame looking through those horrid pictures and videos. What makes me even angrier is all the “victory smile” of all the rioters after they managed to destroy something.

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