Are You Smarter Than My 5 Year Old?

The silver lining of having a son such as Silas is that you get to enjoy having a kid that is WAY beyond smart.  A lot of parent think their kids are smart, and I’m sure most of them are.

I am in NO way saying that having a super smart brainiac child is ideal, my son can do many things that only adults can do but he’s skipped MANY of his childhood milestones.  It’s not better or no worse…just different.

So I caught Silas on this one website doing these geography games.  It gives you a blank map of the world and you type in as many countries as you can and you have 15 minutes to do so.  Today Silas got 92 but he said his best score was 108.  How do you measure up?  I got 49…


I’d love it if you would try the game and put your score below.  It’s pretty interesting to see, I put it on my Facebook page and no one has beat Silas so far, can you?



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